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BC and antibiotics at the same time?

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So I'm on Doryx. 300 mg a day. I'm extremely happy with my results, but recently my gyno put me on Yaz for PMS and all that. I know that taking antibiotics on the pill reduces the effectiveness of birth control. But I'm not having sex right now so I don't even care. What I want to know is will Yaz still help with hormonal breakouts while I'm on Doryx??

If anyone knows pleaseee let me know because I just took my first Yaz pill today.

Thank you so much xox

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i'm on doryx & bcp too. i've been on both since 2008 and haven't gotten pregnant. however, i would ask your doctor about it. or even the pharmacist when you get your refills. they would know a lot more about medication interactions.

btw, in case you didn't know, dairy can also interfere with doryx's effectiveness. something about the calcium in dairy doesn't mesh well with the molecules in the medication. i try to stay away from dairy at least 2 hours before & after i take it.

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i took them both at the same time for about a year - 100mg doxy and yaz. i was on bcp for ovarian cysts, and my cycles were still very regulated, even while on antibiotics. my gyn said it was probably working fine except if i had breakthrough bleeding (did once, but it was real slight and went away fast after taking a day or two off of doxy). i wasn't worried about pregnancy either - so that might be a separate issue. my gyn said that antibiotics MIGHT influence bcp efficacy - but that they weren't even sure about that.

my skin was very clear until about a month ago (but that could be from a variety of other factors, or maybe antibiotic resistance?). so i guess my advice would be - give it a shot, cause it did help very well for a while.

i don't know if this makes a diference, but i did take them 12 hours apart - antibiotics at night, probiotics in morning (otherwise i would have stomach upset after i ate), and yaz in morning. i figured the separation couldn't hurt :)

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