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My review of accutane.

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I was recently put on the infamous drug accutane for my acne. Apparently it's been working pretty well for me and I just have to take it daily in pill form but there are several cons to it. It has known to cause increased sucidal thoughts(I haven't experienced any of this) because a US congressman's son killed himself on it but it could have been anything really. I've been noticing body aches,drylips, and drymouth.Other than that it works great and as you can see in my avatar my face is almost cleared up.

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i had a great experience with accutane, my side affects were very mild, just dry lips and sensitive skin, i also have a few friends who have nothing but good things to say about it.

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Yeah, I definitely had a very positive experience with it, my only side effects were dry lips, sensitive skin, and admittedly a little depression but god was it ever worth it, I have no active acne anymore and it's been 3 months since I finished my course. *knocks on wood*. I do get an occasional whitehead, or very small pimple, but really all I have now is red marks which are fading. (my acne was quite bad for years before accutane)

Anyway, I'd recommend accutane to anyone with pretty severe acne. Best of luck to you.

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