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Red bump thats fill with blood right on my nose. Help!!

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So, I had this pimple a long time ago on my nose, and it was pretty big, then I drained it out and it went away.

Its just that now there is a this red bump that looks like a really red pimple right there. Its painless, feels like a small bump, but if u look at it, its a dark red color that looks like its blood filled inside.

Ive been applying AHA lotion every day but I see very little improvement if not any.

Im starting to think this is something permanent.. which i really hope isnt.

It has been there a few months now so thats why I am worrying.

Does anyone else have this?

How do I make it fade or go away?

Should I Poke it with a needle until blood comes out so it drains?

Please help!

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i think i may have something like it on my cheek...i did the same thing, applied AHA, BHA, everything to try and get it to go away....nothing works, BP and BHA just irritate it and make it redder....i just left it alone and after some time it not longer feels like a bump, it's feel prett ymuch flat, yet still looks like a small red bump...i gave up on it...it seems like it just a weird blemish left over, possibly some kind of scar tissue that's really deep and needs time to exfoliate completely. It does seem to be going away, but very very slowly.

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I think I might have one of those... It looks like a bump, but it's flat and I always run my finger over it to make sure it's not a bump. Anyway, it's pretty small and I think only I really notice it. Best of luck to you, maybe you should talk to a dermatologist?

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