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Green Cream And Mandelic Acid

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Ok so after trying Nizoral to try and get rid of my little under the skin bumps it has not worked:( So I just ordered a bottle of Level 6 Green Cream and a bottle of the 15% Garden Of Wisdom Mandelic Acid to try and clear my face up like LionQueen has done:) I was just wondering what are the dangers of using a Retinoid as I have never used them before and will they deffinatley cause a breakout and if so how bad?

This is my proposed regimen and any comments, advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Cleanse with Cetaphil

Apply Mandelic Acid (wait 30 mins)

Apply Green Crean (wait 30 mins)

Apply Dan's Moisturizer

Repeat at night.

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Yikes. Slow down. Those are two extremely strong, active products .... you can't just leap into 2x daily usage with both at the same time. Your skin needs time to adjust. Otherwise you will end up with horrible irritation and peeling.

Pick one product to start with .... that way you will have a good sense of how that particular product affects your skin. (If you start 2 new things at the same time, you don't know what is causing what.) I suggest starting with the mandelic, because it is easier to add GC to a mandelic routine than vice versa.

Whichever one you begin with, use it on the following schedule:

First week -- once every 3 days

Second week -- once every 2 days

Third week -- 2 out of 3 days

Fourth week -- daily

At that point, reassess your skin. If it still needs additional help, you can start adding in Green Cream using the same gradual schedule.

I advise using mandelic in the AM, Green Cream at night. I would be surprised if you ever get to a point where you need both products twice a day.

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If the bumps are caused by closed comedones, then yes, I think this is the right approach.

Be patient, though. Mandelic exfoliates within the pores; Green Cream purges the pores. Gradually you will see the bumps pushing up to the surface. Your skin may well look worse before it gets better, because all the stuff that is clogging it up has to come out. This process generally takes around 12 weeks.

For some tips on using Green Cream successfully, see my pinned post in the OTC products forum.

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Be careful with the GoW mandelic acid - it is quite strong. If you don't wash your hands with soap after you apply it, the skin will peel off your hands/fingers. Definitely a product you need to start slowly! I only used it 2-3 times a week and my face still peeled like crazy.

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