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I am really glad to see that the people on this board are questioning the conventional wisdom of taking various supplements. I personally think that supplements are harmful and that people are not anywhere close to intelligent enough at this point to be messing around with them...we just don't know enough about what we're doing. One consistent theme I see in people is that we are always wrong about everything.

As for as acne is concerned, I get some disgusting looking zits from the wonderful benevolent vitamin c. I guess it's not enough that it makes my joints hurt, possibly damages my genes, and who knows what else. I have made this connection a number of times, as have many others on the net.

Basically, I'm really angry that supplements are pushed at people by both those who mean well and those who are just looking to turn a profit. It makes me angry that I took lots of supplements for many years when I was young (my parents are supplement fanatics) and at least partially as a result of that was too embarrassed of my face to have a normal social life. I won't get those years back and I hate that. I also hate all the problems my parents are now having as a result of their supplement obsession. Kinda needed to vent there.

I hope we can all continue to think critically about conventional wisdom and question everything.

In case you're wondering what has finally made me clear, it's simplicity. A diet that emphasizes whole foods and not so much dairy which I don't tolerate that well anyway, although I do get butterfat regularly. Plenty of caffeine to keep me up nights, some alcohol, lots of meat, lots of working out, moderate amounts of sugar, limited amounts of bread, no cleansers or supplements or anything extra. So overall it doesn't look nearly as healthy as what I used to eat when I was breaking out all the time; but of course my understanding of "healthy" was completely wrong.


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it's good to question everything so i'm glad that you posted this. and you are right we don't know everything. but you have to consider that vitamin supplements have helped many many people and have probably saved lives.

i'm happy to hear that you are cleared up and are living a healthy life style.

best wishs!

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