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Yaz to prevent PMS-related outbreaks, or outbreaks in general?

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I've read about Yaz in the papers and magazines and seems like it's supposed to be a breakthrough for BCP. It not only prevents weight gain but also improves the skin and helps PMS. I always have breakouts nearing my period, and am considering taking it to prevent PMS outbreaks. How do I go about doing so, do I take it like a regular BCP or take it when I'm about to experience PMS?

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I've been on it (as well as 50mg Spiro daily) for about two months and I can tell it's helping to balance out my hormones. I know I should wait until a few more months to judge the pill, but so far the quality of my skin is improving and my monthly breakouts are becoming less and less.

And I would assume you should take it like a normal BCP. If you only took it the week before I don't think that would do much as far as helping to balance your hormones. Plus I don't think BCPs are supposed to be taken that way. I'm no expert, though.

Hope this helps! :nod:

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Yaz definitely works, but only if you stay on it. I took it for four years to control my acne and it worked beautifully until I decided to get off of it. After that all hell broke loose around my mouth and jawline (the classic hormonal acne zone). After about a year and a half of this my hormones finally began to regulate themselves and the acne got less frequent. Yaz also has some weird side effects like breast soreness and morning sickness. I experienced both of these fairly regularly when I was taking it.

My advice: avoid BCP's for acne if you can. After I got off of it I started taking raspberry leaf extract for my PMS and that worked great. Hormonal acne sucks, but it will get worse if you decide to quit taking Yaz!

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