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There is a great book out there on how to properly wash your face, its by America's leading dermatologist Dr. Barney J. Kenet and he breaks it all down in his book called "How to Wash Your Face", there are a few pages you can read on for free on Amazon but if you want all his information youll have to buy his book:

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A lot of things i learned in my time of Acne research that correlates with some of the views Dr. Kenet has in his book. Here are a few tips you can use or atleast think about when treating your skin:

1) Never use harsh chemical acne cleansers, gels, toners and etc. especially ones that contain sulfurs, Acids or Benzoyl Peroxide. Although AHA is great for nose blackheads and BP for acne, it should never be used for the entire face not because it doesn't work but longterm use on the entire face can cause damage to the skin making you look older due to elements in the chemical. Just spot-treat with a low percentage if blackheads, but never use it longer then a week on the same areas.

Also don't bounce from acne product to acne product, medication to medication and etc. its not healthy for the skin! keep things simple!

2) Never use oral medications for acne, some have really horrible side-effects that will cause feelings of suicide or ironically even more acne.

3) Never exfoliate your skin especially if you have acne, when you exfoliate the skin you are pre-maturely removing the very top layer of your skin, not only that, but you are making micro-scratches on your face which could lead to a series of problems if done everyday. Scrubbing the skin can result in redness, tender skin, scratches, dry skin, over-producing oil glands etc. Skin is naturally exfoliated by simply washing your face.

4) Never use soap, soap can just as easily break down the skin due to harsh alkalinity, causing the skin to be red, irritated, dry, flaky, oily etc. The common soap bar is called a surfectant soap, which is best at lifting dirt and oil from the face but it is the harshest thing you can put on your face. There is another soap called a detergent soap, you may think its harsher but its alot more mild of a soap that is far less abrasive but not as good as surfactant soap's abilities to lift more dirt and oil. People may think the more you clean with soap the less oily your face will be, as a matter of fact the more you clean with soap the more youll begin to see the rise of oil production on the face.

5) Never use a product that doesn't have a PH number, PH is very important to achieve normal looking skin, most acne sufferers don't know that most acne products they use are high alkaline and contain chemically irritating ingredients. PH range varys from acidic (0-7) neutural (7) and alkaline (7-14), skin must always be within the PH range of 5.5-5.8 to maintain a normal acid mantle. When skin is slightly acidic like it should be it is able to easily kill bacterial acne and fungus. There is a great all natural product out there called Nature's Plus Beauty Cleansing Bar which has a PH range of 4.5. It is highly effective is cleaning the skin without causing redness/irritation, it leaves the skin less dry and oily and is all around a great daily cleanser.

6) I also use an all natural gel cleanser called Lbri's Pure N' Natural Deep Pore Cleanser, its 100% natural and mainly contains Aloe Vera which is highly beneficial for skin cell renewal and cell protection. All-natural gel cleansers like this one are best because they do not foam or produce suds which strip the skin of moisture and harms the delicate nature of the stratum corneum.

7) The proper face cleaning method is this: take short showers in warm (not hot) water, it should be comfortable to stand in, wet your face with water first, lather a palm sized amount in the palm and use the fingertips only in a circular motion to move the cleanser around, rinse off, then pat dry with a clean towel (non bleached preferably.)

8) Never overwash your face! Many people wash 2-3 times a day and after awhile your face will look seriously dull and flaky, and just plain horrible-looking. It can lead to serious problems like cracking, white flakes, redness, overly oily skin etc. If you must shower more then once just skip cleanser the second time around. Also it is best not to shower every single day, try only cleaning 5-6 days a week and see how your skin feels. It is recommended that older people wash less as older people have less active oil glands then younger people.

9) You can moisturize if you feel tightness, red skin, itchy skin, dull flakey skin you definitely are in need of some type of creme or lotion. Skin is most damaged when it is dried out, cracked and flaky, one of the best moisturizers on the planet is Aloe Vera. Anything with nutrients, humectants, antioxidants, vitamins are best for the skin and actually works WITH the skin and not against it. Natural is always best! check out lbri.com for some really great moisturizers.

10) Skin is in most need of a moisturizer if you feel tight, red, itchy or flaky skin. Especially if you feel thickness in your skin or if your skin is peeling you are in some real need of some type of creme or lotion. One of the best moisturizer i found is Aloe Vera which actually penetrates and soothes the skin, anything with nutrients, humectants, antioxidants and vitamins are best for the skin and actually works WITH the skin and not against it. Natural is always best! check out lbri.com for some really great aloe-vera-based moisturizers. The best time to apply a moisturizer is when you get out of the shower, pat dry your face, leave alittle wetness on and put some moisturizer on.

11) Stay Away from products with; Glycerine, Oils, Mineral Oil (petroleum or petrolatum), Wax, Lanolin, Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol), Parabens, Fragrances and etc. Oils, specifically petroleum-based mineral oil should be completely avoided as it sits ontop of the skin and does not allow moisture to enter, causes sebaceous glands to overproduce oil and creates acne. Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl can dehydrate the skin causing the skin to be tight and cause the skin to overproduce oil. Both of these ingredients can speed up the aging process making you look older if they are both used on a long-term basis. Other chemicals that should be avoided is Lanolin, which is found usually in moisturizers actually repels moisture from entering the skin, Glycerine pulls moisture from the lower layers of the skin to the surface causing the skin to be even more dry! Read the labels!!!

12) Be gentle when washing or drying your face, the very top layer is very sensitive and is vital for blocking out the outside elements such as bacteria, oils, dirt and etc. Dont wash with hot water, but then again dont wash with cold water. Never RUB your face, gently is best, never rub your face with a towel just pat dry instead.

13) Exercize! sweating is essential for correcting the bloods PH level, when you sweat you get rid of built up toxins in your pores and sweat glands. Saunas are good if you are lazy and dont want to work out, it does the job taking out all the build up toxins we use on our face and our environment, when you get out of the sauna you can use a nice organic based soap to clean off whatever is left on your skin and start over with a clean slate.

14) A tiny bit of sun never hurts, just enough not alot, it helps build up collegen in your face and is a good source of vitamin D which is needed to keep your skins moisture levels normal. too much sun will photo-damage your face making you look older, just mind the time and youll be fine.


16) Mercola recommends cutting back on sugar/flour/ etc. for acne.. i don't know it it's true but its worth a shot.

17) replace your bedding regularly, don't wait for a whole month to change your pillowcase.

18) never use dirty towels for your face (thats a gimmie)

19) LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN, are you to dry? itchy? feel dirty? we all know what your skin feels like, when your skin feels normal everything just feels better.

20) if your shower water is too hard and notice a large amount of mineral buildup, tastes or smells like chlorine, you might want to invest in a shower water filter. Best one i found is from Mercola.com, they use a charcoal filter that contains coconut shells and has no harsh chemicals and takes out chlorine and other things detrimental to the skin.

the book "how to wash your face" will probably give you a better understanding on how to care for skin, afterall hes a dermatologist and i am not.


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Lots of good information and misinformation muddled together in that original post.

In short:

The AHA information is wrong. AHAs are water-soluble, and do not penetrate the skin. They are used for SURFACE exfoliation. If you want to get rid of nose blackheads, you are far better off using salicylic acid, a lipid-soluble BHA. Also, good AHA products are not aging to the skin in any way.

Gentle exfoliation is not the same as scrubbing, and is not harmful to your skin. People with noninflamed acne will benefit enormously from regular exfoliation. It is true that people with inflamed acne should be exceedingly careful when exfoliating.

Soap does not affect the sebaceous glands.

The pH information is correct.

I have no issue with point 7.

I definitely agree with point 8.

I agree with the first paragraph in point 9. The second contains some misinformation. For example: Lactic acid, an AHA, is a natural humectant. Moisturizers containing lactic acid are EXTREMELY effective. Also, mineral oil does not stimulate the sebaceous glands to do anything. The sebaceous glands have no way of detecting how much oil is on our skin, nor any way of responding.

No issue with points 10, 11 or 12, though I'm not vouching for any of the science.

Agree with points 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

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Interesting, but I don't agree with 7 either. Since I'm on the regimen, I find it better to shower twice a day while using the cleanser in the shower.

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the exfoliation part is SOOOO wrong.

Agreed. There is so much wrong with the point on exfoliation, I don't even know where to begin!

I also partly disagree with point #1. Spot treated with BP or AHA is NOT an effective way to use these products. And any damage done by long term use has not been verified (seems more theoretically possible with BPO than AHA, but still yet to be established through any research). Plus, when you are talking about these ingredients as used in cleansers, they are unlikely to do much damage as the concentrations of the medications are low in cleansers and they are not on the skin very long.

However, having chronic acne has been demonstrated to damage the skin and cause scarring, so I would still prefer to use the products as intended - all over the face. The risk of damage is less than it is with having active, inflamed acne lesions on your skin.

BTW - And just how does one become "America's leading dermatologist"? Is that a self-designated title?

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2) Never use oral medications for acne, some have really horrible side-effects that will cause feelings of suicide or ironically even more acne.

There are side effects to almost everything. Their are side effects to moisturizers, cleansers, gels, foods, etc. You shouldn't, not use something because there is a side effect. Most side effects are rare, and barely happen. Some side effects are common and do happen like dry skin, redness, etc. Your reason to not use oral medications is just so contradicting it makes me laugh! Those suicide side effects are rare! And even more acne, that's usually just an IB or that oral medication doesn't work for you. Aloe Vera Gel can "ironically" give you more acne, that cleanser you're endorsing can "ironically" give you more acne. Your reason is just ridiculous...

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He forgot one essential thing - how are you supposed to take off makeup when you're using a mild, soap-free cleanser? Please don't tell me "not to wear makeup in the first place." I'd love to have a gentler cleansing regimen but the makeup just won't allow for it.

i should have put, use a gentle soap-free cleanser like lbri's gel deep pore cleanser, and to take off sticky things like makeup use a sponge instead of an exfoliating pad or brush.

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