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Hey guys,I have just joined this forum.I shall do a brief introduction here.I am a 21 years old girl from Singapore who unfortunately suffer from acne which is inevitable since the weather here is sunny all year round.

Has anyone here experience red and brown scars that never go away no matter what even after your acne are cured irregardless of whether you squeeze them or not?My skin scars really easily and I have those superficial red and brown marks all over my face that tells the history of my battle with acne.Although they are not pock marks,they still leave a dent on my self esteem.My skin is also very sensitive,prone to redness especially when I eat food with chilli but it is also oily with enlarged pores prone to whiteheads and blackheads.

As a result,I do not really dare to try out new products since my skin is sensitive and I only wash my face with cetaphil gentle cleanser and nothing else.I have tried to exfoliate hoping to shed dead skin cells and promote healthy cells so that my scars will heal but I notice that my pimples will come back after that.I really don't know what to do anymore.I have tried products that have worked for me in the past like Tea Tree Oil and aloe vera but they will just leave my skin red and irritated.Antibiotics does not really help as the acne will always come back after stopping.My visits with dermalogists for chemical peels,microdermabrasion in the past also does not help much.

Anyone experiences the same problems as me?I need some advice.I really envy my flawless skin friends who do not have any pimples at all maybe one or two under exam stress.

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It sounds like you are clear, you just have post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and possibly scars.

Never pick at them, or any other pimple for that matter, it will just make things worse. If your skin really is as sensitive as you are describing you could get some jojoba oil and gently massage it on your face before you go to sleep every night. It is high in vitamin E and it's very similar to the human sebum, so our skin accepts it very gently and well. It should help speed up the healing process of those marks.

But, no matter what you do, its just going to take time for those marks to go away.

If you also have active acne, I would recommend that you give the regimen a shot, just start out very slowly.

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