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Is it possible for a Vegan to get rid of acne?

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Hey everyone, I would like your opinion. Can A vegan beat acne?

When I started college I turned to an all plant diet. Before this I never had acne in my life. After about two years, I broke out, became really sick, and almost lost my life. I did recover without eating any type of meat, but I could never get rid of my acne. Just Last July, I quit my Vegan lifestyle and decided to give meat a try again. My acne has disappeared and I am finally gaining weight. Is this just by chance or is there some connection?

Just a thought I wanted to share with the community,


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To answer your question, yes, it is possible for a vegan diet to get rid of acne, the same way it is possible for Proactiv to get rid of acne: it works for some, but not all.

For you, it sounds like veganism is not the way to go, but it would be good to know, were you eating healthfully as a vegan, or were you on the Pop Tart vegan diet?

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The reason, I asked has to due with the fact many B vitamins can not be found in a vegan diet. Supplementation is not the same as food. So even though you are takin' a B complex, doesn't mean you are getting your getting your daily requirement.

I actually ate really healthy as a vegan, but I was very uneducated though. I almost ate no fats and this is were I believe my downfall was.

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