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Vitamin b5 regime - with or without a B Complex ?


if you start the Vitamin B5 regime should you take your B5 with or without a B Complex such as a b-50 or b-100?

Many thanks.

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What do I also have to use with B5?

Keep in mind that some B5 supplements already have some vitamins and minerals in a good dose in it, so that you don't need extra of those vitamins/minerals. (Like B5Supplements.)

It's usually recommended to use a B-complex supplement with B5 to decrease vitamin deficiency. For example a B50-complex or B100-complex on a normal dose. Somehow a lot of people forget to do this. The more B5 you are taking, the higher the B-complex dose should be. A B100-complex has a higher dose of vitamin B's than a B50-complex. If possible, try to take a B-complex with not much B6 (pyridoxine)(for example less than 50mg), because according to some, it might increase acne when taking alone.

I also take a normal vitamin supplement to get some extra minerals and other vitamins.

A lot of B-complex supplements somehow don’t contain much biotin (which is also a member of the vitamin B complex). Taking a mega dose of B5 also decreases biotin intake according to some studies. People on (Ro)Accutane who experience hairthinning, are often recommended to take extra biotin. A study showed that taking 2.4mg biotin, increased hair quality. Some B5 for acne products have extra biotin. Because of this, it's probably recommended to take extra biotin when on B5. How much you need depends on the dose of B5. I don't know how much you really need. Personally I think something like 1mg biotin per 2.5gr B5 would be a good guideline.

Zinc is maybe also recommended to take when using B5. OptiZinc would be a good choice because it decreases copper deficiency. I think recommended would be something between 10mg and 30mg of OptiZinc. Some B5 supplements like AcneMiracle and B5Supplements have OptiZinc in it.

In http://www.healthboards.com/boards/showthread.php?t=163163 some recommended to take Cysteine (which is a bit different from Cystine) and Methionine, because according to them B5 might cause deficiency in it.

Drinking a lot of water is also recommended.

Source: http://vitaminb5acne.com

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