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Hi all... I havent been on here for a long time haha... I have been trying to manage my acne by myself, I have been following my insticts. Basically I have been experimenting with what I thought was causing my acne... seeing what exactly triggers it and what doesnt. I am happy to say I have learned a lot about myself in the process.... I am not 100% clear... but I have found ways to control my skin and to keep it generally the way I want it.

My main issues:

- Dairy (this was the BIG one for me)

It SUCKS... but I KNOW I cant eat it without breaking out...

- Hormones

Any kind of spike or change in hormones affects my skin... that's pretty common for most people with acne... however I found a simple way to comtrol it. I have been using evening primrose for quite a while... but I think I was using it the wrong way before. I started to think about the way us girls take our birth control pills... at the SAME TIME every day. So I thought why not try that with the evening primrose oil... I started taking it the same time everyday along with a zinc supplement.... My skin seemed to like it. Also... if I ever suspect I've had a spike in hormones (orgasm hahaha) I quickly take EPO afterwards. (having an orgasm sometimes gives me beakouts along my jawline... I know people hate the idea that orgasms cause acne... but it seems to cause problems for me). As long as I try to control my hormones with the EPO my skin seems to level out.


I guess this has a lot to do with hormones... but I do find that when I am under less stress my skin is happier. I take a B-complex stress formula vitamin and it seems to keep my stress down.


I have stopped stressing out so much about what I eat... it seems as though the stress I get from THINKING I am going to break out just makes things worse. I am a HEALTHY eater still... but I dont stress out if have a hot dog once in a while or a bite of my boyfriend's cheese burger. I find if I try to eat healthy my skin seems to be happy with me. The main things I stay way from: MSG, trans fat, dairy, white flour, white sugar etc.... (I try not to eat a alot of sugar), anything artificial. I eat some things organic, but I dont stress out if I cant have organic. I take a fish oil supplement to balance out my omegas... however I DO eat quite a bit of seafood :).

****Cooking tip**********************************************************************

How to get a CREAMY pasta sauce without using dairy: Lots of almond milk+some sea salt+garlic+brown rice flour (dont use alot of flour, start out with a table spoon and wait until it starts to thicken, then add more for desired thickness)+a bit of sherry or white wine= AN AMAZING CREAMY PASTSA SAUCE you could fool your friends with... they wont know the difference.



-On the outside

I use SpectroJel face wash and Complex 15 face cream... I could not find anything natural that didnt break me out hahha... as hard as I tried... I couldnt. The closest thing I came to was using pure glycerin as a face cream or Emu Oil... but it made my skin SO OILY.

I use a glycolic acid 10% peel once a week to even out my skin tone... seems to help with scars.

Everything I put on my body I try to make sure it's as natural as possible (besides my face cream and face wash hahahha) I use organic soaps and lotions and shampoos.


GET RID OF IT!!! AHHH! I HATE IT! I do a yeast cleanse once a year.... even if I dont have symptoms. I get a kit that has the pills and drops (all natural) and I go on the candida diet for a month.... and I go pretty hard core with it.

I cant say that this helped my skin... BUT it helped my BODY...I FEEL so much better after doing this cleanse. TRY IT.

WELL guys.... I really hope this helps some of you. It has been quite a long journey for me and I hope that this information can help some of you shorten that journey.

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