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Hey guys.. I'm here to tell you guys how I got rid of my acne.. I know how frustrating it can be so I thought I should tell you guys see if it helps..

When I was in High School I had kinda of alright acne but I was constantly breaking out, it wasn't severe but still I had a lot of pimples.. After I graduated I went to the dermatologist and he told me that you can get acne from a lot of things, stress, and eating junk food and sweating .. So I stayed home all summer trying to calm down and relax and it helped sooo much. I got rid of my acne with Erythromycin topical solution usp 2.. The only way you can get this is by going to the dermatologist and he can prescribe it.

BUT while I was on medicine the doctor told me that I needed to keep my skin moisturized at all times because it can make the skin kinda dry and give me more pimples. So he told me to use baby oil from jhonson and jhonson.... You're probably thinking shit that will make u brake out more.. not really it didnt make me brake out at all..

After summer my skin was so clear I was so amazed.. I still use the baby oil all the time. When I'm home that's all I have on if i wouldn't use that i wuld always had dry skin. I put tons and it doesn't make me brake out and it's great.. I also tried Mederma after for some little scars left an it made my skin really clear I have no scars at all.. I also put on honey for like 45 minutes everyday and every 2 times a week i put on the aspirin cause i heard is good. Now I'm kind of like skin obsessed but I only use now the aspirin and honey and the baby oil.. NOTHING ELSE. DO NOT BUY PROACTIVE OR NEUTROGENA OR NONE OF THAT CRAP. They fuck up your skin really bad.. Another thing, drink lots of water and everyday take vitamin c and multivitaims.. this is good also.. don't drink coffee or pepsi or coke.. and don't eat to much junk food.. hope this helps..

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moistening the skin like you said definatley makes acne cystic breakouts completely stop.. i discovered this when i had huge cystic breakout on my chin and lower lip line, it was PAINFUL, i decided to put on from moisturizer and within a few weeks they were gone and ever since using moisturizers i havent gotten a massive acne breakout since! sure an acne here and there, but never in droves! i just wish i thought of it earlier

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That's because the main ingredient in baby oil is mineral oil, which is non-comedogenic. Some baby oils also contain/add aloe-vera extracts and vitamin E to it, which is also non-comedogenic.

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