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hormonal acne (pcos) + accutane / roaccutane EXPERIENCES

Hi, Im not quite sure where to post this but hopefully Im right! ;) ...

so I wanted to start a topic for girls who suffer from hormonal acne (due to PCOS) trying accutane!

any (successful) experiences?

how do you face the hormonal imbalance in addition to your accutane treatment?

is there anyone who did benefit from a single accutane treatment being able to keep the skin clear?

with the help of the bc pill (or another hormonal treatment such as spiro etc?)

Ive been taking the bc pill (diane 35 with antiandrogen effect) for 6months now and Ive just started my accutane treatment:

I used to have severe cystic + comedonal acne (back, chest , face) - but the pill improved everything considerably - tho my face aint clear yet (still moderate acne with cystic spots) which is why Ive started with accutane.

I was at 15mg for the first month, now @30mg - no side effects except dry lips (and facial skin - partly) - face is slightly improving by now

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In some accutane has caused hormones to go wack. Roche themeselves states that it can cause abnormal menses, which can mean a wide varitey of things.

Have you been to the hormonal section? Have you tried spiro? As for taking the two together I would suggest speaking to your derm or the pharm. I haven't read many that have taken them together at the same time. (spiro & tane)

I would say though if BC improved you from the cystic acne and now I see your on a low dose of accutane, it may clear up the rest and then you might have to continue the BC after your accutane course to matain the clear skin.

I would browse the hormonal section too, There have been a few who have actually taken accutane.

Good Luck :D

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thanks oli girl for your reply:)

No, I havent tried Spiro and I do not want to take both at the same time (because then its hard to figure out what worked for me...)

I really hope tane clears me up so that the bc pill can maintain that - but today it actually got worser again (from one day to another weird)

Im going to browse the hormonal section - thats a good idea!

do you have pcos as well?

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Acutally yeah, I dont' think it would be good to take sprio and accutane together. As for your face getting worser again sometimes people have what they call an IB. (inital breakout) Even on a low dose.

I haven't offically been dx w/ pcos. However, before I started accutane I did have an ultrasound and it showed no cyst.

Then for me accutane disrupted my hormones. (caused thyroid (grave's) etc. which effects hormones.)

I had a ultrasound again about 4 months after to find cysts on my ovaries.

I just haven't been back to have more testing for it yet. I do know that I have read some with pocs that have taken accutane in the hormonal section.

Like I mentioned accutane may make it better, but unfourtantly w/ some of us having hormonal issues it may always be a battle. Though I have heard and read that sprio works good for hormonal acne.

I wish you good luck :D

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it made your thyroid worser? thats very interesting as mines a lot worser as well! its subfunctional...I got it tested about 2 weeks on tane , also my ovaries but they didnt show any cysts. (so far I have PCOS without having cysts)...

a few months ago Ive started to replace milk with soy milk which is also suspected to aggrave the thyroid - dunno if this could be the reason as well...

so you dropped out of your tane course?

I dont think I have an IB - its more a fluctuation - (slightly) worser or better

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