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Should I do a facial peel, micro, derm, or something else? :pics:

Hi all.

A little bit about me.

I have been going through a hormonal change (facial hair, growth spurt, etc). I started to get pretty bad acne so I went too a dermatologist. He prescribed me doxy twice a day with 100mg each.

The problems then began. My skin seemingly took it harshly, I couldn't go out in the sun without getting rashes and I started getting hyperpigmentation. I am on month 6 and honestly I think antibiodics had very little too due with my decrease in acne and more in my body accepting the change.

It got so bad that I could not even take warm showers because it hurt my skin. I take purely cold now , but my dermatologist said all this was natural.

I would like to cure my scarring, redness, and hyperpigmentation, but the problem is their are so many products that I do not know what too use!

Here are my options:

chemical peels - glcycic, salicylic, TCA , their are also percentages which give it a range from a mild to an intense peel.

Facial peel - you can buy these in stores or get it done at a spa

dermabrasion - You can get this done at a dermatologist

microdermabrasion - neutrogena sells a kit for this, and most places like spas and dermatologists do this.

I just want to have clear skin and get rid of my scars!

Here are some pics and if anyone could tell me what they reccomend personally I would greatly appreciate it.



I have tried so many things that do not work (proactive, antiaging stuff,

moistorizers, etc) that I have narrowed it down to getting one of these done either from myself or professionally.



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I would contact your dermatologist, because he/she is the most qualified to determine. I would go for a really harsh peel, because you have primarily hyperpigmentation and VERY shallow scars. They are just surface scars really.

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Is that not something I should buy online?

Here is another picture of the front of my face. I called one guy and they said they needed a consultation which was a 125 dollar fee!


What is considered harsh with a chemical peel? TCA, Gly, or Sal? Also what percentage.

He said his peels range from 600-1000+, and if he decided I needed laser surgery or whatever that it would be ... well a ton. I told him what you said , but they said I needed to see them.

My dermatologist takes months to get into, and I called a plastic surgeon for this one because they were the only ones I found when I googled "chemical peel" for my area.

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