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First, a little background...

I am 18 years old. I've battled acne ever since I've been about 13. It was at it's worst when I was 15 or so and then through the use of antibiotics, creams, etc...I cleared it up. I went the past year and a half with virtually no red marks and no acne at all. I was so relieved to not having to deal with it anymore and finally having full confidence in the way I looked.

Fast forward to January of this year...

I looked in the mirror one morning to find that I had a small, SMALL breakout on my right cheek (this cheek has always been my biggest problem for some reason). Maybe 2 to 3 all in the same spot. But they were red and inflamed, so it was alarming. I also felt a big one coming in between my eye brows. I started fearing that my acne was coming back but I wasn't sure why. I mean, I hadn't made any changes in my diet...I hadn't been using any new products, and I had been completely clear for over a year. I was also still taking the antibiotic Bactrim once a day. I used to take it twice a day when my acne was bad, but for the past few months my derm had been wanting to ween me off of it so he put me down to once a day.

Anyway, after that breakout went down, red marks were left behind. I decided I would use a glycolic-acid based cream on my face to reduce the redness and to just give my skin a better glow overall. After a few uses, I decided it wasn't good enough and opted for some 50% Glyolic Acid Peels. I also started noticing I was breaking out more.

I did about 3 or 4 peels and decided not to do anymore as I felt it was irritating my skin too much. I decided I would just go back to doing exactly what I did the first time I got clear. So, I started taking my antibiotic twice a day again instead of just once. I started using a cleanser with salicylic acid again. I started taking fish oil pills, drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, and applying Apple Cider Vinegar on my face. Same routine I used to have 2 years ago. I haven't had a new pimple worth mentioning in about 2 weeks, so that's good...but now I'm stuck with a bunch of redmarks and potential scars, and it sucks because I thought I was done with all of this. I look WORSE now than I did before I used anything glycolic on my face :/

As I said, a SMALL breakout was the reason I even started using glycolic acid...but looking back, it was such a small breakout that someone who doesn't even suffer from acne probably could have gotten it, so is it possible that the glycolic acid products are actually what wound up making things WORSE for me? Like I said, I went over a year being totally clear with no changes to my daily routine. Also, should I have gone back to my Bactrim antibiotic twice a day? I've been on the stuff for 2 years now, and even stayed clear for about 6 months just taking it once a day. Could it be doing anything for me anymore? I mentioned I hadn't had a breakout in a few weeks now, but could this be from the fish oil....the antibiotic.....the stopping of glycolic products?

I just don't know if I still suffer from the acne bacteria, or if the glycolic acid just made me breakout.

Sorry for such a long post.

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i dont understand what your sayin..did you breakout, then take somethin and it got worse?

cause if thats the case, shit gets worse before it gets better, its with most meds that is the case, jsut be patient

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