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Ways to prevent cysts?

One word: salicylic acid.

Over time with regular usage of a topical BHA product (Salicylic acid), at a minimum dosage of 2%, your dead skin cells will shed less rapidly and your pores will begin to unclog. You most likely will encounter an initial breakout in the stages when your pores are being purged. Once all of your pores are cleaned out, the BHA will prevent your pores from becoming clogged once again.

The worst that could happen is a few minor zits, and it is quite unlikely for a full out cyst to develop under the circumstances of regular BHA usage.

This is what has worked for me, give it a try. Some moderators suggest Paula's Choice 2% BHA. It comes in a gel, liquid, or cream I believe.

Paula's Choice BHA Products

Good luck!


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BHA, glycolic acid, Green cream or other retinoids, baby's hair brush method, BP. They're all viable options but what works for you might be very different from what works for me or anyone else. Remember to give any topical at least two months to judge the effectiveness of it.

Icing the face twice a day will also help calm inflammation. You can just run an ice cube gently over your whole face until it melts, run a frozen paper water cup over your face, freeze a wet washcloth and gently glide that over your whole face, etc. Just don't hold the cold in one spot too long. The icing technique is suggested by at least one excellent esthetician's clinic; they have a high success rate, too.

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