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How I got rid of cysts on my nose.

I didn't have cystic acne everywhere but for some reason my nose was a really good spot for them. I used to get a few on my back too. My cysts were DEEP cysts that don't come to a head.

First off. If you get one, Do not try to cut it open or squeeze it. It makes it worse, deeper, and harder to control.

I had these spots on my nose that would not go away. They would get better and then worse, but they would never completely go away. I tried all the antibiotics, Retin-A, different washes and then my derm put me on accutane. I felt so great while taking accutane because they sucked up my cysts until they were gone. As soon as i went off accutane they started to fill up again. I was really depressed. The same spots.

I went back to the derm and i tryed this thing called aczone. Didn't work. So i started doing my own research. I bought some tree tea oil 100%. You can buy it at a gnc or something. Its an anti inflammatory and antiseptic. It really helped control the spots and over a couple months they started getting smaller.

It got to a point where the tree tea oil couldn't improve them anymore though. They just stayed the same.

I also started using a sulfur wash. In the morning and before bed. This also helped improve them even more.

How i got rid of them was Photodynamic Therapy though. They placed the levulon on my nose for 2 hours. Then they did IPL on my nose first. It was a stinging feeling, but not that bad at all. After that I went into the BLU light. It was pretty warm lol but not bad at all. I have pretty sensitive skin and am white.

After that i went home and could see a 98% improvement and its only the second day and it gets better in time. I also have 2 more treatments left which they spread out over a couple months. This treatment works by destroying P acnes.. makes the overactive sebacious glands smaller.. makes your pores smaller too.

To keep them from coming back I have changed my diet. No junk food and no meat. Just fruits and veggies and a few other things and lots of water. I also have been taking a vitamin A and vitamin B supplements. "A" helps reduce sebum production which is probably the reason for my cysts...too much being produced causing inflammation. B does the same thing but in a different way. Also taking Zinc supplements too.

I dont mind going back in a couple years for the same treatment if they come back. Its not that expensive and the downtime is not bad.

If you've tried a lot of stuff and it hasn't worked for you.. please try these steps in this order. It might work for you too.

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