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I think these forums are great for advice and help to get rid of acne. However I do think that there is TOO MUCH information that contradicts itself.

I think that there needs to be a definative answer to all of this. Some people say that they ave found the perfect product or supplement however it doesnt work for everyone.

First of all we need to asbtablish which is the right route to take. Synthetic or Natural approach, but we dont need people just posting saying Natural or Synthetic. What we need is people explaing why they believe that it is the best way...

Once we`ve worked out which is the best route, we then need to suggest a complete acne regimme.

I think then the only thing that would be on the forums would be either about the success rate of the regimme or suggestens on how to improve it.

I personally believe that acne is cured from the INSIDE OUT. Treat the cause then the visable symtoms (acne lesions).

Does anyone agree with me on this????

Let me know.


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This post has been moved, as the Announcements And Feedback board is for technical issues on the boards.

The reason there's no definitive answer for how to treat acne on these boards is that there's no definitive answer for how to treat acne. Some people respond to some treatments, and others respond to other treatments, and some treatments are pretty much the opposites of other treatments. That's just the way it is.

The beauty of these boards is that people can share what's worked for them. If we tried to narrow these boards down to one treatment or regimen, we'd be leaving a lot of people out in the cold. As it is now, there's a lot of information for people to consider and choose from, which vastly increases the chances of people being able to find a treatment that's effective and fits their lifestyle.

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