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Copper Peptides & Saliylic Acid Post Accutane

I am off Tane now over a year but got scarring as most of you know right now from an IPL done 2 months off Tane. Well today is the 1 year anniversery of the day I did the IPL.

I want to dermaroll but am terrified to do more damage to my skin. I am doing the Red/Infa red LED lights and I just ordered Copper Peptides and Exoderm (2% Saliylic Acid) from Skin Bio.

I know that Lamarr say he was not that impressed w/ Copper Peptides but he did notice a slight refinement of his pores. Well I would be sooooo happy with that because most of my scarring is enlarged/scarred pores. I was wondering if Lamarr used the Exoderm Serum with the Peptides and if they are safe on my skin now Post Tane. I know that Retin A is definately a no no and had assh**e docs precribe it to me telling me it would make make scars better.

But I don't know if Saliylic Acid is ok. I don't want it to make my rolling, and saucer and other including my pitted scars and enlarged pores worse!!!

I know that you guys might just say dermaroll and use terpoline but I am too scared still.

The Copper Peptides is supposed to promote healing and colegen formation like terpoline (probably not as well) and the saliylic acid is supposed to get rid of scar tissue.

Anyone have an opinion on this. I know people say that peels make their pores worse so is saliylic acid like a peel will it make things worse.

I don't know if I can just use the Copper peptides by themselves without some kind of thing to break down scar tissue. Same thing with the teropline I don't think it will help with remolding by itself without doing some kind of breaking down of scar tissue. I just don't know what is safe to do right now.

I also read people who took tane don't do as well the Copper Peptides becasue Tane changes the way your skin is that is why I am afraid to dermaroll I don't know if my skin will heal properly yet. Enen Lamarr said the the first time he dermarolled he made things worse becaude it was too soon.

Pease advise if you have any experience with Cooper Peptides and Saliyic acid post Tane


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I just read on a site selling Salicylic Acid not to use post Accutane (24 months) becasue it might cause scaring so I guess that answers that question. So if I use the Copper Peptides by itself will that work. Will it help on pore reduction and /or scar reduction?

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