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Why Vitamin C suppliment?

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I see alot of people include a vitamin C supplement with their diet. Why suppliment when citrus fruits contain more than enough vitamin C? Is their something I should know or is it just personal preferance.

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The issue is how much your body really needs and how much is really in your food by the time it's picked under ripe, stored, shipped, stored some more, cut up or peeled and exposed to oxygen and/or cooked. C oxidizes rapidly upon exposure to air.

Anyway, it's an important anti-oxident, it's needed to form collagen therefore it's needed in all cell production, it's a natural anti-histamine and it's needed for healthy adrenal function which affects hormones. All those things affect acne.

Almost all animals make their own vitamin C and they make several grams per day, more if sick, injured or stressed. So why would humans only need 90mgs? That is how much is needed to prevent scurvy. And we also need more whenever sick, injured or stressed. Or physically active. Also, its true that what isn't used in cell formation doesn't stay in the body but passes through and out in urine, but it performs its anti-oxident function as it passes through. Also, because it doesn't stay in the body long, you need it all day long.

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You really don't need to supplement with vitamin C. The body can hold up to 1500mg of vitamin c for an average of 6 days.

Our bodies absorb roughly 50% or sometimes less when taking supplements. Unless It has bioflavanoids, and is ester-C it will absorb much better.

Our bodies absorb 80-90% of the vitamin C in fruits and vegetables.

If you eat 5-10 servings of vegetables and some fruit every day you don't need to supplement.

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