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sleep *sorry didn't know what other forum to put this in

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So last weekend my skin was lookin great, i went to bed early, woke up late, the red marks hardly showed and all my acne went away within the weekend. as soon as the week started, i was only gettting 6-7 hours of sleep compared to 10-12 and i broke out.

i ask have any else of you noticed your skin better when you get more sleep?

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Yeah I have, but in my opinion its a little bit more stress related. You have more stress during the week then during the weekend.

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For me lack of sleep can be the most predictable cause of a breakout.

I think also a negative change in your routine like forgetting to cleanse, or suddenly leaving it later in the evening can be bad too....but then there are other causes like getting a cold, feeling depressed, a big change in your diet.....etc etc. The only thing you can do is try and get more sleep and not worry too much because worrying seems to have a bad influence too! :)

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i was thinking the same thing actually. i havent noticed anything because i'm all ways stopping and starting medications to much, i will stick with the regimen for a bit.

i even went to the extent of thinking that sleeping in a NOT-well ventilated room would result in more Carbon Dioxide in the room, which could be bad for your skin, as P.Acne bacteria does not like OXYGEN. that was just my theory though, havent asked about it anywhere, so dont start sleeping out side!!

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i have noticed that more sleep almost quickens the process of my acne healing. my face isnt too dry and isnt too oily. i can definetely see a drastic difference, but its not over like one night its if i dont sleep for a while.

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Guest fatman_uk

If i sleep with my door shut an window shut in my small bedroom, i have no problems but either wake up lightly sweating or sumtimes a more 'damp' face, like its either more oil or sweat, can't really tell tho.

I normally sleep with door shut an window open but past few ive left my door open, its a lot nicer bein able to breathe. :)


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