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Acne diet? Working up the willpower?

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I have 90% clear skin (hyperpigmentation is my biggest problem), but I want to help aid my acne from the inside too. I keep trying to eat better for acne, but pasta and other treats keep popping up. The worst part is that I can't find the willpower to keep myself from the foods. How does everyone here find the willpower to keep themselves from eating the irritating foods? What about when you are with people? Is it easy to stick to your food restrictions? Any help or support is appreciated.

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Jackie we have a lot of similarities. I have been toying with diets for a long time and recently have made strides by taking it slow and building on small changes. For example, cut out soda one week. The next, only have dessert every few days. The third week, save dessert for the weekends. The fourth, see if you can go without the desserts and extra sweets. Its slow and if you're naturally impatient, can be frustrating, but if you make the slow gradual changes there's a greater possibility they will stick. Plus, and this can be hard, especially when you break out - your acne didn't form overnight. It's more than likely not going to go away overnight either.

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It really helps me to have the healthy stuff on hand, ready to eat. Some healthy food isn't quick & convenient...but some of it is...like grape tomatoes, organic yogurts, bananas, etc. Other food you can prepare ahead of time so that when you get the "urge" you have got something healthy ready to eat.

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Buy the book: The end of overeating.

It's an informative guide that talks about how your cravings aren't entirely YOUR own fault. In fact, companies are incredible at manipulating the human mind making you think you want the food, when in actuality, you can do so much better. :)

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