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Week 1 - My personal Retin-A log

Hi all.

I have had acne since I started menstruating - when I was 10 :( I used to have cysts and nodular acne for the longest time. My doc put me on Tetracycline (old school, I know) and a topical ointment and I was able to control it for a long time, but then it just got to the point were the cysts were hurting so bad and deforming my face, so I decided to go on Accutane last year and was the best thing I could have done for myself.

I no longer have deep, nodular acne. I do have surface acne that is generally smaller and not as deep. After Accutane, my doc put me on Retin-A micro. It worked well for a while, but then I started peeling so freaking bad that I couldn't stand it. I didn't have much acne anymore, but my face looked horrible and blotchy because I was peeling so much. My doc told me not to use any moisturizer because that would clog my pores, so I didn't, but then I realized she was dead wrong!

So finally, right now, I am using Retin-A at night. I wash my face with Clean & Clear Gentle Foaming Cleanser, let it dry, apply a heavy cream for sensitive skin from Avon, let that dry and then apply the Retin-A to my chin, cheeks, & forehead. I have only been doing this regimen for a week, but I have already noticed results. Also, last night I put Vitamin E oil on my face and it dramatically reduced my facial redness the same night! So I think I am going to do that a few times a week. I've also learned not to wash my face twice a day because it just drys me out too much and makes me flaky.

So, that is my story and hopefully I will eventually see an acne-free future!

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