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Doxycycline and topical clindamycin

Yes, I have. A year and a half ago I had moderate acne, with not a lot of acne, but the acne that was there was definitely more persistent and inflamed, not to mention noticable. I was prescribed Doxy 100mg twice a day. I used it in conjuction with Duac gel as a spot treatment in the morning (which is 5% BP but also includes 1% clindamycin), and almost a year later I added .1% Differin at night.

I have had success in getting rid of inflamed acne for the most part. What I deal with now is mostly non-inflamed. I am currently weaning myself off of it though, because 18 months on a single drug is too long, in my opinion.

I never had any adverse side effects. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. =)

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i have. i'm on benzaclin & doryx 150mg. i've been on it for almost a year and they fail for me. i've got pustules and they never seemed to go away.

i'm not saying it wont work for you, everyone has different skin and will react differently to other meds.

just be prepared for the initial breakout.

good luck!


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I was on this for about 3 months and It improved my skin a slightly bit but didn't do much overall. But there is still hope for you my acne is very deep and stubborn I think I'll need accutane to get rid of it :(

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