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The regimen after 21 days. Also a question

Hey everyone, its my first time I ever posted here, but I've started visiting these forums around a week ago.

I know everyone's used to the introduction of acne, all I want to state is that acne affected me around sophmore and junior year but in a mild breakout. I thought I should pop them and thats how it continuously got worse due to bad habits. I tried proactiv, and that made my skin even worse, never again (I still have a years worth left of the crap too).

I knew I was desperate when I started using this wierd face peel product that made my friends skin clear, but that hasn't worked. When I used it, this is how my skin looked like prior to the regimen, this was taken around early april, I'm 19 years old btw.



I was trying new things with the beard, don't hate.

But after 21 days, this is how my skin looks like...



Its hard to show but theres rarely any acne, but the red spots is what is bothering me. Now I see it in the pics, I'm very happy that my mother found this site, she does so much for me :P. Here is the type of products I use

Step 1: Neutrogena cleansing bar (It has the same color and the same ingredients as the basis bar)

Step 2: Neutrogena On-The-Spot treatment. It works great but I got a question about it below

Step 3: Olay mosturizer with spf 15

I never missed a single day, the most I've ever did that wasn't followed to the plan was when I did the night one, sometimes I didn't put on the mosturizer or that it was 13 - 14 hours apart. I also take a multivitamin pill , a zinc 50 mg tablet, along with 4-6 fish oil pills everyday.

My main concern is with the flaking of my skin, and how to make the red-spots go away. I don't know if I have any sort of acne scars (can anyone tell in the newer pics?). Sometimes I'm in a rush to go to school so I don't go so easy on putting on the BP and mosturizer, hence many flakes occur that way. But when I decided to increase my BP 2 days ago, I noticed how my skin started to burn just a bit, but today I woke up to find a lot of flakes specifically in the Moustache and goatee area, and my skin has been more flakier than ever! The mosturizer didn't help at all and the flakes came back afterwards. I look like I'm constantly shedding my skin. I heard Jojoba Oil will fix it, but what about AHA? Do you think I really need any thing more extra, I'm just glad that my friends notice my improvement :dance:

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It can take a while for the dry skin/flaking to stop, especially around the mouth area. Using jojoba oil with your moisturizer should help, and if you need to, you can go over your face very gently with a wet washcloth at the very end of your shower (after your skin's had a chance to soften up).

AHA can help with flakiness and hyperpigmentation, but it's pretty strong, so you shouldn't add it in until you've been on The Regimen for at least a month, although I usually recommend waiting until your skin has adjusted to using the full two pumps of BP to cut down on any extra irritation.

Really, though, your skin is looking great. So keep it up! : )

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Thanks for the response :).

I decided to hold back on the AHA, I just got impatient lol.

I just obtained Jojoba oil, but how would I go by adding this to the bottle? Would I have to add a teaspoon in the bottle and mix it up or do I apply the jojoba daily?

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