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Has anyone tried adult acnomel?

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Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any of you have tried adult acnomel? I haven't heard of it until tonight when I was in Walgreens looking for some tea tree oil and I saw this stuff! I quickly took out my phone in Walgreens and read reviews on walgreens.com and acne.org. It looks really promising. According to all the reviews this stuff is amazing. It has Resorcinol 2% and Sulfur 8% as the actibe ingredients. I just spot treated a big zit and a tiny one also. I am hoping I get great results. Anyway, any responses would be nice guys.

Check it out though.... You can purchase this stuff at Walgreens.

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I do use it and have for years...it's one of my favorites. If you catch a pimple in time, it'll reduce it entirely before it becomes a huge honker. I have to admit, it's pretty good. It'll dry your face out big time if you use it too much. I usually use it to spot treat and maybe every few days I'll spread a thin layer over my chin and forehead.

It's good, but beware- it's no miracle cure. My chin still breaks out (it's menstrual related for me).

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Thanks for the reply. I hope I get some results by tomorrow because I have a narly zit on my forehead that was nothing until I tried to squeeze it tonight and now it is HUGE! This thing will not go away! It's horrible. It started off as the biggest zit in my life. Ovewr 2 weeks ago it was the size of a dime.

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People, I put this stuff on my 2 spots that have been on my face for 3 weeks now for the first time. They both started off as cysts but progressively got smaller over the weeks. Anyway, one of them was a normal sized zit (until I accidentally squeezed it last night and it blew up) and the other was a tiny zit. I am pleased to say when I woke up this morning both of them improved but the bigger one improved the most significant! I am so happy with the results I could jump and dance.

Read the reviews for this stuff on acne.org and walgreens.com! I can't believe only one person responded to this. If you want to get rid of your acne DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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I am actually using it right now. I had 2 start to swell up out of the blue yesterday, so I immediately put some acnomel on them and they have gone down. Hopefully, they'll go away entirely. I've been using this stuff for years and it's the only medication I've found that can actually kill the pimples rather quickly.

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I just bought it. I will give a a full shot. Right now the couple I had starting did not respond any quicker.

I have concern about the tint in the product. There was a rumor and a Youtube clip of a vanishing formula. That one seemed to be found in Canada.

I called NuMark Labs in Edison NJ. They stated they bought Adult Acnomel from Johnson and Johnson a few years ago. They said they have not changed the formula. They say the products as always been tinted.

They said they are considering putting out a vanishing formula but they have no knowledge of the product being sold under the same name.

Odd huh?

My concern was that the tint is like a makeup and could lend it self to clogging pores. The rep said there is less than a 1/2 % of pigment tint in the product.

They stated they have not had any complaints about that.

I also explained that in the morning I can take a tissue, wipe my face and there will be tint on it.

Since the smell is stronger, I was only using this at night. Why have my pillow cases have the tint on it. I have tan cases so do not notice it on them but assume if I can just wipe it off it is getting on it.

BTW, so far it has NOT clogged my pores but it has only been a few days using it.

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Too bad you had that reaction. One should always follow the package directions or have to suffer later by their own doing not the products.

But what I think many need to be aware with say BP or this, is that addig more does not mean stronger strength. If you put on BP 10% in 10 layers you are not getting 100% BP on your spot.

And most dermos will tell you that caking things on only risk that you block the pores

I have some spots on my chin starting from me having an ice coffee (brown liquids are a nasty trigger for me if you search my posts) So if this stuff is something that will work, tomorrow it should be better. We shall see.

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