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Sensitivity to sun after finishing?

How long after finishing roaccutane do people tend to still be sensitive to the sun?

I'm due to finish sometime this month but I've got a holiday booked to Tenerife (Canary Islands .. hot for those that don't know it!) on the 23rd of June.

I was planning on stopping it about a week before I go on holiday. Do you think I'd still be sensitive to the sun on my holiday because of roaccutane?

Should I stop taking it a bit earlier?

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i'm not sure whether you meant from your post that you are planning to stop early specifically for your holiday. In which case i wouldnt bother. A week or so isnt going to make a lot of difference. You are looking at 2-6 months for everything to go back to normal. Same goes for if you are planning to drink alcohol or anything else tane related.

Since i've been on tane i've been to Thailand (in their summer, yes very hot), Dubai and Crete. Sunbathed at all. All fine. I used factor 30 sun cream once a day (I use Bergaderm) and i didnt burn. My skin did get very dry though so be warned. I'd take a bottle of moisturiser to the beach and top up regularly through the day. If you are in the UK i've also been sunbathing all weekend in the garden with no cream on (i'm South East so temperatures in the high twenties) and been absolutely fine.

Enjoy your holiday.

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