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what I do when i get a cyst.

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I've always either left my cysts alone or tried to pop them. Squeezing is the wosrt thing you can do because it damages the skin around the Cyst and it makes the cyst worse. Leaving it alone takes forever to heal and lingers around for weeks.

What I do is simple. I get a needle. Disinfect it with rubbing alcohol and poke the middle of the cyst with one tiny little Hole. make sure it's deep enough untill you see the clear stuff or blood. Then slighly push down, not squeez. I then get a Tissue put rubbing alcohol and put it on the cyst. I let the alcohol get into the hole I punctured.

Anyways the cyst is gone in 4 days tops. the inflamation should be completely gone and it should only scab a little dot. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

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might have to try this then..

its been 2 weeks and my cyst hasnt moved..

how long does each way take?

When I used to leave them alone it would take about 3 weeks for the Cyst to start decreasing in size. At week 2 the pain would start to diminish and the inflamation redness would really start to go away. Some took longer then others.

But for me atleast it's not worth it. I go out alot and I dont have time to be waiting around for the cyst to go away on it's own.

If you are going to try this make sure you only poke the cyst ONE TIME!!!. If you start poking around at it it will scabb over a large area.

Puncture ONE hole in the middle of the cyst and do not try and squeez anything out. Instead -push Down on the cyst untill you see the clear liquid and blood.

Then get a tissue put Rubbing alcohol and apply it to the cyst. it's going to sting because it's getting in the puncture wound. You should see the inflamation start going away really fast. However the cyst is still going to hurt. Leave it alone and in 4-5 days a little scab should of formed and the cyst should be on it's way to being completely gone.

I'm on day 5 of a huge cyst andd oing this has the cyst 100% gone. The only thing I'm waiting on is the small scabb to peal off on it's own.

But trust me. A little tiny flat scabb that doesnt hurt anymore it way better then having a raging Puss Filled Cyst deep in the skin.

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yeah he's right this is the proper way to do it. I never get cysts (knock on wood) but i use needles now and i never scratch. I just hit anything i get with a small disinfected needle with benzoyl peroxide on the tip, get all the gunk and out top it with a bit more BP. Sounds disgusting and it does indeed wig me out to stick a needle in my skin but it's better than scratching IMHO.

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