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I thought I'd spread the word seeing as I have finally found a regime that seems to be working! I can understand it might not work for everyone, but it's working for me so I might as well tell ya!

Over the last few years I have been trying everything to get rid of my acne, which is mainly located on my chin and around my mouth. The rest of my face is generally clear, apart from the odd spot very occasionally. I'd say my acne was fairly mild, but I literally always have about 5-7 active spots, whiteheads and general redness from scarring. The minute one goes, another pops up somewhere else!

I have tried all sorts of lotions and potions (used religiously twice a day), changing my diet, drinking more water, ibuprofen gel... nothing ever seemed to work long term. In fact most things seemed to just aggrevate it.

However after my latest trip to Boots to try something new yet again, I bought Neutrogena Spot Stress Control foaming wash. It feels a lot like the last foam cleanser I tried (by Witch), but for some reason this seems to work better for me.

After cleansing I use Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel shine control moisturiser. This is a really good base for make up as it makes the skin nice and smooth, and doesn't take forever to sink in.

At night I have been using a gel called Bye Bye Blemish clarifying gel on any active spots. Found this randomly in my drawer a while back as I had bought it ages ago and it hadn't worked. However combined with the above two, it also seems to be good. I can put it on fairly angry spots at night, and wake up to much better skin. Sorts out the redness and swelling nicely. A few weeks ago I had 3 very big spots all at once (I reckon I was purging) and they were loads calmer after a night with the gel on. Normally they would have been a problem for a week!

I have also been using mineral make up for a good few years, which probably contributes too.

Been doing this regime religiously for about 5-6 weeks and my skin is calmer than it has been for... well, as long as I can remember! I do have a couple of spots at the moment, but they are really small, not at all painful and not all raised and angry like usual. All I am having to deal with is the scarring (which hopefully I can sort out soon) and that is covered much easier by make up than raised spots.

So yeah... that's what is finally working for me! Wanted to share in case it helps anyone else!

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