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Hey guys! A method that I've known to work for acne for me and my friends has been the caveman's regimen. This regimen is basically to limit the amount of topical, creams, etc. that we put on our face. Instead, we tried to maintain the skins natural pH balance (which is slightly acidic) and not use any products that might interfere with that balance ( I'm looking at you BP).

So basically, for the regimen, we simply just clean our face with water only and apply jojoba oil occasionally when we feel the need to moisturize (jojoba oil has around the same pH of our skin). For mornings its just a simple rinse, but for evenings, let the water from your shower run down your face for 5 or so minutes. Once a week you could apply BHA or AHA on your skin to exfoliate dead skin cells, but remember to moisturize if you do so(This step is not necessary). Do this for a few weeks and you'll notice the improvement.

NOTE: This regimen does NOT work if you regularly apply makeup. The point of this regimen is not to use anything might irritate the skin.

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yeah this is what i do and it works pretty well for me, but i never had serious acne only the once every two weeks or so id get a zit or a whitehead. I found anything i did to my face as far as BP face washes and moisturizers just made me breakout in areas where i never would break out before. I hear part of this regimen is also eating only things that a caveman would eat like fruits and veggies all raw no dressings and maybe some meat, i don't do that part but i should try it.

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Hey everyone! I've read a lot on this site and tried a LOT of different things. I finally have found something that works for me, and figured it would only be fair to share what I did.

I am 26 and have had moderate acne since I was in fifth grade. Throughout high school I took oral antibiotics which definitely seemed to help, though I still had acne. As soon as I began wearing make up toward the end of high school, the acne flared up. And never really went away.

Throughout the years I've tried different retina products and various topical solutions. I had mild success, but then got pregnant, and worried about what I was putting on my skin if anything could be transferred to my growing baby. After my baby was born, I was so fed up with my acne.

One day I was thinking about a trip my family had ttaken to Hawaii a few years back. During this trip I hardly put anything on my face beside greasy sunscreen (I've had bad sunburns before and try to protect my face like crazy when I'm in the sun) and would go swimming in the ocean everyday. And my face was soooo clear.

So I decided to try putting salt water on my face. I made a super unscientific batch of salt water (I poured salt into water until the water had reached maximum absorption and I could see the salt granules at the bottom) and then took a cotton swab, poured the salt water over it, and then brushed it on my face. I let it air dry and went to sleep. I didn't wash my face.

The next day my face seemed so much better. And my pimples were much smaller.

So I kept doing this for a couple weeks, until finally it seemed I had plateaued, and my face was really dry. That's when I decided to start using Olive oil as a cleanser. I would pour a tiny bit of olive oil in my hands, and then rub it all over my face. Then I would wipe it off with a dry cotton swab, and then apply the salt water.

And then after a few weeks of doing that, I just stopped everything all together. And my face is the clearest and smoothest and least dry it's ever been. It seriously looks and feels so good. I still even wear makeup sometimes (very light face makeup) and just let it wear off. I don't rinse it or wash it off.

I don't think I could've experienced perfect results going cold turkey with the caveman, but I think going through the process with salt water and then olive oil and then nothing is what did it for me.

I still have an occasional blemish, but I put concealer on it and just try to leave it alone. I firmly believe that is another key thingI've done, I've STOPPED picking my face and it has dramatically decreased inflammation.

Anyway, it's been a couple weeks now of clear skin, and I feel great. I hope this helps anyone who is struggling like I was.

Best wishes!

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