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Hi, everyone nice to get some proper help from people that understand the problem.

Now for my history/present.....Well Im 20 years of age, started to get them at the age of 16, probably because of exams. Ive been suffering from them for 4 years, and at the moment I dont have any major/small problems apart from my back which has a few, but I can handle them.

Whilst I was 17 turning 18, i decided to go on the Sunbeds, which worked wonders. And love every second of my life and all ways went out, I basically lived outside:).

That was till they came back stronger than ever at about Q4 of 07, they were all over, everywhere. (apart from my chest and forehead?). I wouldnt go out, and still havent went out properly since then (ye 2 years nearly :( ) I hate lookin at my face in mirrors, or whateva, just because when I look I dont see me anymore, but not in an insane way lol.

Ive been on Roactine? started last year, ended July of last year. im gettin help from a shrink or a Dismorphea specialist soon, but I know Im fine, its just I hate seeing the redness there, the scars as well, but Ill have to cope with them.....:(

Is there anyway to heal the redness quicker, because the natural way is taking way to long, and Im getting tired....I might as well ask, is there a way to make the scars less visable/heal abit?

Thx, and sorry about bombarding with this story but........any help would be appreciated.

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