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Is it possible for me to gain muscle mass and lose acne at the same time?

I have fairly mild acne, however it is strictly controlled by my diet and regimen. It seems anything that I do out of line causes acne again.

The problem I have is that the process of building muscle mass seems to include many of the things that causes my acne. It wouldn't be that bad if I had a body type that was naturally inclined to gain muscle. I'm a hard gainer, or, for those who are biologically inclined, I'm an ectomorph - I have such a high metabolism that gaining muscle is very difficult. The way to get around this problem is to consume huge amounts of carbs and protein shakes. It seems that in the past lifting weights has reignited acne, but it could have been other factors as well.

I would rather have no acne and stay puny, than have acne and be less skinny. What should I do? Has anyone had similar experiences?

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first of all, everyone is different, someone else's experience might not happen to you, you might want to give it a try to see what happens.

secondly, from my own experience, I break out from milk used to mix with protein powder, but high carb and protein diet doesn't seem to affect me. but lifting weights increases testosterone level, which gives me bad acne.

hope it helps

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