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Is my acne actually caused by diet?

So I know for fact that I breakout around that time of the month, and I break out when I'm stressed (my worst breakouts are when I'm going through a depression). Last month I started drinking an herbal tea to purify my liver and skin and it has helped a lot along with my new regimen. (I'm 90% clear! Woo!) Although I don't eat terribly I think I could be eating healthier, since my family's Italian dishes are always a daily staple. Is it possible that my acne is not effected by diet? Is there anyway to maybe modify my diet (without going too intense) to help with my acne?

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I think if you are predisposed to acne and you eliminate foods from your diet, you will still get acne. However, I do know certain foods can make the pre existing condition worse. Its is not the underlying cause though. Some peoples acne is caused by diet but for most people its not the main cause. Some people break out from certain foods and some people dont. I personally have the hardest time figuring out the main cause of my acne. I know I break out from cold climate and I live near SF which is cold almost all year round. I also am pretty sure I am allergic to dairy. I also know I am allergic to fragrances in products and that my skin is very sensitive. I also know Im near my period. All of these things combined are causing me to break out right now. Its not only my diet

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It isn't possible for diet to not affect acne. Your diet is the nutrients you do or do not consume along with crap that inhibits absorption or depletes nutrients and even damages systems. Nutrients are what your body uses to function. Diet affects your digestion, hormones, inflammation and more.

You should limit sugars and refined carbs as well as hydrogenated/trans fats because of their effect on hormones and inflammation. Eat more real, nutrient dense foods with lots of fresh colorful and flavorful veggies for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxident benefits. Especially consume a lot of the sulfur containing plants like spinach, broccoli, kale, tumeric. See the Green Smoothie thread for a great way to add these.

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