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The Caribbean Sunbox RB - Acne Light. Anyone has any experience with that? Advice?

I thought I'd look into this. I have mild acne. Does anyone know anything about that "The Caribbean Sunbox RB - Acne Light" treatment? I am looking to buy something for $200-$500. Money is not an issue when it comes to clearing my face...

I need advice.

some info:

The Caribbean Sunbox offers unparalleled treatment of mild to moderate acne. The clever design of this unit provides for control of both the red and blue lights (LEDs) independently. The unit has two switches so you can turn on the red light, the blue light or both.

* Treats acne while healing facial skin.

* Latest LED lamp technology

* Blue 415 nm Red 660 nm

* Proven results – doctor recommended – highly effective

* 90 day money back guarantee*

* Very low power consumption

* 10 year full manufacturer's warranty

* Small, lightweight, portable

* Includes protective eyewear.

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ive been using it for about nine weeks now. Ive always had mild persistent acne. As far as i can tell i havent noticed too much of a difference as i still get 2-3 new spots a week. But i will say they do heal faster and dont nearly get as big. Also it does help the overall tone of your skin. It deffinitly wont hurt.

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It works wonders for me. I have the CSB. used for 3 months. Never tried the rest of the devices. Stick with it.

I use it with Differin which possibly helps sensitive my skin to the box. It's the only thing that has ever worked for me. I've used accutane a bunch and every thing else under the sun. acne always comes back. this has taken away my oily skin, clear my acne, killed the deep cysts on my chin and I feel like I've finally found the regimen that I can use till I'm an old man and this stuff finally goes away. I just posted in another room - but here's my post so you can see.


"Hey guys. I've been a member of this board for a while and I've tried a bunch of different stuff but finally found the combo that has me 95% clear. I've been off the board for months, like many who are "cured" do, but wanted to come back to share my success:

I've used Accutane multiple times over the last 15 years. Each time a few months of succcess then slow regression. Antibiotics + retin a / differin in between all accutane cycles with mild success but nothing great. The deep cysts on my chin area took over about 2 yrs ago and rather than return to accutane - i came to these board and now i've solved my problem skin - for the first time in many years feels and looks NORMAL. Here's what has been working:

Red / Blue light home device therapy --> the real key in my success

Balancing good fats / oil with Fish & Olive Oil --> second most important thing

Jojoba Oil and plenty of it---> 3rd but crucial element

BP on chin

Differin couple times a week

Red / blue light daily therapy with the home devices. Best one i've found is the Caribbean Sun Box. The others just don't add up in my opinoin. I can't stress enough how awesome these are. I find it has the exact same type of strength as accutane in clearing facial acne. After 2 -3 months it really starts to work. I've gone from daily use to every other day and only 5 to 8 minutes rather than 10 to 15. It's easy. it will even dry out your hair if you don't cover it with a hat! It does a great job in clearing you up without drying. If you haven't tried these you really should. It clears acne under the skin I could never get to before.

Balancing good fats / oils. This is pretty simple. and has been a big benefit I try to have a few tbsp of Olive Oil each day and a few fish oil pills. I've always had oily, slimy feeling skin by end of day and oddly - the good fats have a way of making my oily face much less so - and it has even become a refreshing type of oilness when i keep my good oil intake high. Search for the benefit of olive oil on this board if you want to learn more - but it works - I think the science is rather simple. My body doesn't produce the right types of oils - so by feeding it the best skin oils out there you help offset what your body doesn't do on it's own and you get some balance. Accutane of course - likely offset this balance - even though it does wonders on it's own - i think balancing oils post accutane is something most people don't realize they need to do

BP on chin - everyone here knows BP is good and easy to tolerate. I use it post shaving for a little extra clearing power on the chin and it's great. Dan's BP. Use this on the worst areas if all else is failing

JobJoba Oil. I've found - like they've always said - that keeping your skin highly moisturized is a great way to prevent breakouts b/c it helps return your skin to a normal state and normal means healthy. Until I found J Oil there wasn't a moisturizer that would not break me out but my skin was always on the brink of dry. Now that I found one - i try to load up on it as much as possible. Yes it makes your face shiny - but i've found using it right after I shower the shine goes away quick and more so, now that my face is used to it - it soaks it up much better and looks fine 20 min after application. I can't explain how much better my skin feels using this. Load up on it guys. If you've ever used Accutane you've probably done 3 to 5 years of damage to your skins natural oil supply - till you grow out of the effects over moisturizing is pretty much a must.

I hope you guys can benefit from this. I can't stress enough the success of low dose red / blue light combined with good oils and good moisturizing. 3 months of trying this and you'll have a new, great complexion."

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Thanks Stantheman3!

I've been on a very strict diet for a month now. I feel like it's giving me good results, my break outs are not as big as they used to be.

I will definitely look into the CSB now. I feel like I'm half way there. The CSB might be able to speed things up and eliminate my current pimples that still haven't showed up.

What does it do with red spots?

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got myself one. I'll keep you posted

Please do! I'm considering buying one. Not sure if I should get the Sunbox or others, haven't made up my mind yet. I've got some major scarring on my shoulders no new breakouts there. And occasional breakouts on my face, which I want gone. I feel Apple Cider Vinegar with Tea Tree Oil helps significantly with the ones on the face. Has shrunk my large cysts within days to mere red spots, which I can cover with a little make up. But I'd rather not have to depend on make-up and achieve flawless skin. Apple Cider Vinegar seems to have helped much more than BP. I've applied BP for weeks on some acne with no results.

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