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Should I not be combining these two?

I had my first dermatologist appointment the other day and she prescribed me Epiduo. I really don't have a heavy acne problem but rather just a bad case of blackheads on my nose and she thought that this may help.

I also ordered MaMa lotion to even out my skin tone due to some acne scarring as well as that I heard it helps with blackheads.

My dermatologist told me to apply the Epiduo as the very last thing of my regiment so what I've been doing is applying the MaMa lotion and letting it soak in for the suggested 15 minutes and then applying the Epiduo. I've only been trying both of them for nearly 4 days now but I haven't had any problems with irritation, dry skin, or massive burning sensations that I've been fearfully reading about with people using Epiduo.

I'm worried that the MaMa lotion and Epiduo might conflict with what each is trying to do? My dermatologist was really helpful at first but then completely disappeared after a nurse came in and gave me the Epiduo and I felt like she was trying to rush me out. I asked a bunch of questions but I did not ask about the MaMa lotion so I'm kind of ??? O_O ??? right now.

Should I continue as I have been doing to see how it goes or should I apply the MaMa lotion everywhere but my nose area and then just the Epiduo there?

Any help or direction of where I can look for information on whether or not these two will conflict would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't think it is a problem but I would alternate and use one one night and the other the next and switch off That is what I do with my retinol and I use the new M2 skin care Skin Refinish (the new MaMa)

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