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My Accutane Journey....Finally

Hi I have been reading accutane logs and now I want to start one of my own. So here is a brief rundown: I have had acne since I was 14 yrs old and all through high school I practly begged my derm to give me accutane since nothing else worked and she would not give it to me. The same thing happened in college I guess I had bad luck with derm's anyway I finally got it and I could not believe it ....Finally it's about time. Honestly I was not as excited about starting it in my twenties as I was in my teens. I was scared especially of the long term more serious side effects ...we all know what they are. In the end I decided to go for it and I prey every day that i am one of the lucky ones who leaves this journey with clear skin and nothing else. Anyway I am on day 35 my first 30 days i was on 40mg and I have been on 60mg the last 5 days. As far as side effects go I am always thirsty and I have been drinking tons of water. I had dry lips around day 7 and I noticed dry skin around day14. Durring the 2nd week I had a headache one day but I got headaches alot before tane so it's hard to tell if it was from accutane. After about 27 days or so I started getting lower back muscle aches at the end of the day(which I never had before). This week my neck has been sore and the usual dry skin/lips and a sore lower back in the evening but for only 2 days this week(not as bad as before). I also started noticing that my hair does not produce any oil at all and I only have to wash my hair once every 4-6days and even then it does not look dirty at all but I get grossed out wating that long so when I do wash my hair I use a deep conditioner and I rub it into my scalp and all the way through the ends. So far all the side effects that I have had I have discussed with my dr and he says i am doing good and everything I am experiencing is normal for being on accutane. He did say that my blood work showed that I had high colestrol and he gave me a diet which is really hard to follow. He also told me that my liver enzymes were high and i needed to try to watch or avoid alchol completly which has been ok for me to do so far and I have also been taking milk thistle for my liver so hopefully that helps. As far as my skin goes I am still breaking out but the cyst dry up very quickly and my skin is not oily at all. Well...I am glad I am starting this log to montitor all these side effects. So far all the side effects are barable the hardest to deal with is the high colestrol diet I need to start eating healthier anyway so it will be good for me. I am also taling vitamin C, B6,B12, Calcium with vit D, Omega 3 and Milk thistle(for my liver). Well I think I summarized my last month on accutane pretty well questions or comments are welcome and I will keep you all updated on my results. Sorry If there are spelling errors throughout this I can't figure out how to use the spell check.

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Hi everyone today is day 36 and It was a great day! My two cyst that were on my chin finally cleared up and it looks like I am getting closer to clear skin :dance: I even went swimming all day and did not get sun burnt. My previous post was like a huge runon sentence so let me break down my experiences the last 36 days a little better here are the side effects:

MONTH 1 on 40 mg

WEEK 1: Drank more water no other noticible side effects

WEEK 2: Begining of week 2 I had dry lips and headaches(but I had headaches before so I don't know if it is from accutane)

WEEK 3: Really dry lips, dry skin and a dry throat(at this point I was drinking twice as much water as in the begining) ..and I also started to get really dry eyes(I forgot to mention this side effect in my 1st post)

WEEK 4: Sore lower back muscles with no extra activity.....strange?I also got a dry skin rash on my hands..almost looked like eczema but aquaphor took care of it after a day or two( forgot to mention this in 1st post)

MONTH 2 on 60mg

WEEK 5: I am currently on day 6 of week 5 and I have Dry skin/lips and drink tons of water. Earlier this week as soon as I started the higher dose my neck muscles were sore to the touch and achy but that went away after 2 days or so and now I am doing great especially since my face is finally clearing up. I woke up this morning and the cyst I had were dried up and I pealed off the dead skin and that was that It's like I put retin-a on it but without the itching and burning :dance: I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! every day is a new adventure with this stuff.

MY Daily Routine: Cetaphil: Cleanser and lotion w/spf15

Joico sunless tanner: amazing!! and not streaky! for a beachy glow

Aquaphor: To treat my dry skin and lips

Vasiline brand Coco Butter: For dry Skin

Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops : For Dry eyes

Renu rewetting Drops: For when I wear my contacts

Omega 3 Fish oil: for cardiovascular and circulatory

health and nervous system function.

Vitamine C: antioxident that helps the immune system

Vitamine B-6 & B-12: metabolizing energy/it improves your metabolisim & & streightens your immune system

Milk thistle: For liver function

Calcium&Vit D: For healthy Bones

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Ok whoever reads my log I need to let you know that I am the worst speller and I cannot get the spellcheck to work?? It keeps saying to download click ok but it will not let me proceed to the spell check. I just put my dailt routine as my signature and I copied it to a word doc. to check the spelling and I spelled vitamin wrong...ooops? :doh: O well but if anyone reading this has any tips for me I'd appreciate it. THANKS!

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Hmm I don't know. I use firefox and it makes a red line under whatever is misspelled.. try highlighting a word then right clicking it and make sure the "Check spelling'" is check marked.

Don't worry about your spelling that much in here, just get the word close and I'm sure we can decipher it :)

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WEEK 5 Day 37

Today was a good day and the best part is that I have a nice tan from being at the pool yesterday.I do not have any new side effects just those pesky old ones...

I have been sitting on my couch for an hour now and my lower back muscles are really starting to ache and my eyes are so incredibly dry, I need to take out my contacts.

My husband and I are going to work out at the gym I really don't want to but I need to lower my cholesterol and exercise plays a big role in lowering it so I must do it if I want my next blood work to be back to normal.

Its only 2 weeks till I get my blood work done and I have been slacking on my diet and exercise so now it's CRUNCH TIME. I haven’t worked out regularly for a long...long time so I am a little worried to start back up while on accutane. I think I will just do cardio to see how my body reacts. This is the first time I am working out to get results on the inside opposed to doing it to get toned like I usually TRY to do (but am always unsuccessful at that attempt). I just pray that I am successful at this attempt...wish me luck....here I go :)

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WEEK 6 Day 39

Hi Everyone,

Here is the latest on my side effects/skin results

The last couple Days have been pretty good. Yesterday I drank over a gallon of water and had to run to the bathroom about a million times.

I tried to wear my hair down the other day ant it looked and felt like straw. I am using a good deep conditioner so I don't know what else to use? Anyone out there have any ideas?

Last night the sides of my mouth were cracked and I had to put aquaphor all over it, I also had trouble sleeping which is very unusual for me.

The rash that looks like eczema returned on my hands yesterday so I put aquaphor on it last night and it is gone this morning...so that’s good news.

As you all know I am on a diet to lower my cholesterol and it is going really well, it was hard at first but after doing it for over a week I feel better and I no longer crave all the greasy fatty food that I used to.

My skin is really improving now I have absolutely no oil on my skin at all. I have two cysts on my forehead and a small one on my cheek that is almost all dried up, but my chin which is my usual problem area is all cleared up except for two red marks where the old cysts used to be...I HOPE IT DOES NOT SCAR, the last thing I need is more scars. Now when I get cyst they dry up completely within 5 days or less which is a huge improvement for me. I do not think I have had an IB yet but according to my derm only 3% of people get an IB??? It seems like everyone on this site gets it but deep down I hope my derm is right and maybe I won't get one...only time will tell.

Thanks for reading my log and I will keep updating every few days or so

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WEEK 6 Day 42

Hello all,

The last couple days have been really good for being on tane. My back aches went away and so did the dry skin patches on my hands...maybe my body is finally getting used to this toxic drug I am putting into my body hmmmm... could be.

This morning I woke up and looked in the mirror awaiting a perfect complexion then I saw this monster on my chin. I contemplated for a second...to pop it...or not to pop it. I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help it and I popped it. I know I shouldn't have but I couldn’t help it. Tisk Tisk I know :naughty: Besides the big one on my chin I had two small ones that are red on my forehead.

After my picking I was freaking out about scaring so I went to the health food store to get Emu oil, since it seems to be all the hype by people on this site. I bought the last bottle and I read a brochure on it. I could not believe that it is ostrich oil. I thought it was strange but I am still willing to try it. I guess I’ll see if it works. If anyone reading this has had success with Emu Oil feel free to let me know cuz I am kinda hesitant about it.

I have been working out the last couple days and I would have to say I feel really good I have not been sore and no achy joints. I am trying so hard this week to exercise and eat well since I get my blood work done on Friday. I am doing stuff to help my liver like drinking dandelion root tea 3 times a day....and it is disgusting by the way. I bought it cuz it says promotes a healthy liver on the box. I am also taking milk thistle 3 times a day. It may work or it may not....I guess I will see. I figure that it coulden't hurt.Well thats it for now, untill Next Time......

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DAY 45

New side effect:

Prolonged soreness after working out which is unusual for me. My sore muscles usually go away after a day or so and it has been 5 days and I am still sore. I guess I will give up doing weights and just stick to the cardio. I have also had a hard time sleeping, once I fall asleep I have a hard time staying asleep.

Old side effects...... still lingering:

My lower back aches came back last night and my lips are peeling as well as the skin on my chin.


The cyst on my forehead is still there and has not decreased in size and I have a new small one on my cheek but I think it was from the emu oil. My skin is definatly improving every day!!

Till nxt time :cool:

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