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Do silicone sheets work?

i saw some silicone scar sheets at walgreens...they are kind of expensive so i didnt want to just buy them without researching...they seem like they might help bump scars on nose which i have but im more concerned with my indented scars...does anyone know anything about the silicone sheets?

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The silicone sheets are for raised scars, they will do nothing for indented scars. If you want to try them for your raised nose scar expect to use them for a long time before you see results, if any.

on a side note: In the past.. I tried the silicone sheets for my indented cheek scars, as I was clueless as to which scars they were for since the package just said "scars"

..after wearing one on my cheek overnight it actually made my indented scars look alot worse by poofing up the good skin around the indents. It was only temporary though, a couple hours after removal my cheek returned to its usual crappy moon-like appearance. >_<

oh and I also forgot to mention...if you decide to try the sheets for your nose bump scars, expect to lose them while you sleep. (even if you cut them to small scar size pieces) They fall off easily which really stinks because they are reusable. Believe me, you will never find it again..lol

Personally instead of the silicone sheets, I would recommend ScarZone instead. It is silicone based just like the sheets and it will stay on.

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I've tried this a few years ago (the sheet was about 1.5 x 2.5 inch and it was expensive, maybe like $39.99 or something). I think if it worked, it supposed to be applied only for raised scar. Didn't do anything on my indented scars at all though.

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