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So...I'm taking Yaz right now for my acne. It cleared it up so much, but not completely.

I've also been on a low dose of antibiotics and not enjoying the side effects...

Anyway, my skin is virtually clear (besides for red marks) except for my chin. Any time I ever break out, it's on my chin. And it's usually large and painful bumps. Like right now, I have about 5-6 bumps on my chin and nowhere else.

Does anyone know why I only break out on my chin? I'm going to the derm. in a few days, but I was hoping maybe I could get some advice before then. Thanks!

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I recently went to a skin specialist because like you I get chin acne. Everywhere else is clear. She told me the chin area is related to hormones. So you probably have hormonal acne. I'll post my story and see if it helps you because I was also on yas...

"First a little back round knowledge...I never got breakouts as a teen, they didn't start coming until I was 21 or so...My doc told me it was hormonal

OK so here's what happened to me...After almost 3 successful years of using Diane 35 (acne free and my skin actually got lots of compliments) I was told I must switch to YAZ because Diane can be very risky.

So I did, and for the first few months nothing happened...except I would get these awful headaches. So I stopped BCP all together and it wasn't long before my breakouts started coming back. It was mild but still bothered me. So I went back onto YAZ and it went down hill from there.

I waiting the 3 mths for the hormones to balance but after the time past I still got massive breakouts (mine are usually around the chin area... cheeks and forehead are completely clear) So I decided to switch back to Diane mid- month cause I could not handle it anymore.

So a month on Diane no significant improvements but the breakouts had really calmed down (it usually takes up to 3 mths for diane to regulate your system) Since I only got a months worth when I switched back over to Diane I went back and the doc and he prescribed me more but when I took it to the Pharmacy they handed me the Cyestra 35 and went on about how it is exactly the same. I had a bad feeling about the switch since I've already switched once mid month and now was going to have to again. They assured me it was fine. So I took it...

I got to about day 5 of the Cyestra before I freaked out. Before Cyestra I just had a few really small pimples and just scarring from previous ones. Now I have about 5 gigantic under the skin ones all over my chin! I am absolutely pissed and knew it was the Cyestra. I look online and compared ingredients.

Although Cyestra has the same active ingredients it uses "fillers". This is what sets it apart from Diane. Needless to say I was very upset, went back to the doc and he gave me a new prescription that said "No genetic form" on it. So here I am day one of being back on Diane (still mid-month) and praying no one else uses that stupid Cyestra. Hope that helped."

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