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Get Rid Of Your Acne NOW!!!!!! Read Me!

Hey Everyone,

I just want to see if this helps out. I have had acne for years and have tested out many things but what I found out the past year or so some things that might help others as well. I have a degree in Computer Engineering and I know how to research and test out scenarios quite well.

Please post if it works for you.

I will post 2 sections, one for cleaning your face to prevent acne, and second for causes of acne. I might post preventions for acne scars, blemish treatments, acne pills, and scar treatments if this post helps.


1. Cleaning your face

So the best way to minimize the acne is to use a different wash cloth every

time you wash your face. I found out after I had a workout or something,

that my wash cloth would get very dirty with oils and dead skin. So I

started using my wash cloth only once (or if its a large cloth, parts of it only

once). This will prevent acne by about 50%.

Another is my towel. I only use the end parts to dry my face and the middle

sections to do my body. This reduces dead skin from your other body

parts to going to your face. Also change this bi weekly as I found that

since you already finished washing your face with cleanser, its mostly

clean, but still will leave a bit if dirt. (Oh yeah, should dry your face

only when you have washed it with cleanser or else don't dry the

same spot again). Change the towel twice a week after around 3 days of

use. This will prevent acne by 25%.

Also depending on how you sleep (on your cheek or on the back of your head),

you will have to clean your pillow case. The oils will build up on your pillow

case just like the face cloth. You will have to try to either not sleep on you

face, or change your pillow VERY regularly. If you sleep on your back,

you don't have to worry about this. This will prevent acne by 25% if

sleeping on cheek.



2. Causes of acne

So I found out the major cause of the acne/pimples where from stress/nervousness/sweat/over excitement. Let me tell you what these all have in common. They all release liquids that clog up your pores and if not washed within 20min, it will get irritated and there is no return for the pimple. After an intense workout or sex, make sure you wait 20 min for your skin to

get back to normal and then wash it. If you wash it before 20min, your skin will still be

getting back to normal and will still be releasing oils to your face, making your wash

useless. If you wash after 20min, the oil will have enough time to settle in your pores

and washing will do nothing and will grow a pimple.

So lets get to the 4 causes.

You know the feeling when you get stressed out, your head gets a sort of headache and your face feels weird like the oils are going nuts. This causes acne, so when you get really stressed out by work/school, make sure you wash your face when you get home.

Now for when you get nervous. This can happen if you have some pimples and you are on the bus or shopping. You get nervous, start to sweat, and your face gets watery. This is not good since the sweat will clog your pores and get pimples to start forming. It can be hard not to get nervous when you think everyone is staring at your face, but you have to get past this point. People don't care, they probably went through the same thing one time or another so don't be embarassed. You must not get sweaty, I repeat, DO NOT GET SWEATY!!!!!, once you get past this point, it will get better by 10 fold, and that's the truth.

Getting nervous and sweating are the same for getting acne.

Now for excitement. It is when you have an adrenaline rush and your body goes all nuts. This can happen when playing video games, watching an exiting game, or getting it on with your partner. When go through this, you will feel your skin releasing liquid that will also clog up your pores. I found out this is the worst cause of the acne, especially being excited with your partner for prolonged periods of time (over 30min will do major harm). So I know it sucks, but if you reduce these adrenaline events, you will see a HUGE improvement in your acne.


This has to work, tell me your success stories.

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Interesting hypothesis but really nowhere near accurate. Please read a bit more about the formation of acne and microcomedones. Read about hormones, diet. And glad you've found what keeps YOU clear.

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Interesting hypothesis but really nowhere near accurate. Please read a bit more about the formation of acne and microcomedones. Read about hormones, diet. And glad you've found what keeps YOU clear.

Umm yeah.. I agree.

1. I think those are basics that everyone knows by now. Those tips have been going around for years now. No need to really introduce them again. And just by using clean towels and changing your sheets daily won't get rid of acne for most people. I've tried that and look! I still have acne. If I didn't have acne- I wouldn't be hear...

2. If you do vigorous activities daily and wash your face every 20 minutes- that will result in over washing your face, which will later result in more acne because over washing your face irritates your acne. And sweat won't necessarily cause acne. My friend sweats like a pig (no offense to her) and her face is completely clear. I, barely sweat at all- and I do have acne.

You should really read about the realcauses of acne, because what you stated right there aren't the causes. Sweating and producing oil does not cause acne. There are people with extremely dry skin and get acne. Your "cure" pretty much contradicts what dermatologists and scientists have been researching and studying for years. You may have a degree in computer engineering, but that isn't really going to help treating other people's acne.

I'm glad you've find your cure, but it surely isn't mine.

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Hmm, I guess I could be wrong. I thought what helped me could help out others. I realize from the other replies that every one is different. Well, I guess if this post helps at least one person, I'll be happy.

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