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I'm clear (but I'm not sure why)

Okay I am pretty much 100% clear, just waiting for some old red marks to fade. Only problem is I'm not sure what is doing the clearing! Not that I'm complaining but I'd like to phase out some of the products if possible.

About three months ago I stopped using proactiv and my skin freaked out. I tried tea tree oil and salycilic acid but neither worked for me. I started taking vitex 400 mgs. twice per day and also Nature's Cure homeopathic tablets (but did not use the 5% bp vanishing cream.) I wanted to keep it as natural as possible but my face still looked terrible after about two months of this.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore so I started using the benzoyl peroxide/erythromycin cream that had been sitting in my fridge which I had never used. After I started using that my face started to clear up right away. So I think that is it! I'm still taking the vitex and the nature's cure tabs but now I'm only using the bp/erythromycin about once every three days and I'm clear! woot woot! The jojoba oil keeps it moisturized. Here's my regimen.

Wash 2x day with coconut oil based soap and contains dead sea salts (can't remember the name, got it at the health food store)

Nelson's homeopathic acne gel 2 x day (except on the days I use the bp/erythro which is about once every 2-3 days or as a spot treatment as needed).

jojoba oil only on the acne prone areas and non-oily moisturizer from Signature Minerals everywhere else.

Vitex 400 mgs once per day in the morning.

Nature's Cure homeopathic tabs 2x day

Zinc 30 mgs day

Antioxidant vitamins

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good news that you have cleared up! :dance:

do you think that the vitex has had any effect on this? i have read that it can take a few months before you will see any benefits from the vitex. i have just started taking vitex myself and am hoping it will help with my cyclic acne and other hormonal problems i have been experiencing.

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Hi Alternavista & Kiwi,

I do think vitex is very good in helping with my hormonal acne. I know I've used it in the past with good results and it did take about 2-3 months to start working. Also it is GREAT in regulating your cycle and minimizing cramps and bloting. I noticed those results right away... after about a month.

I started taking the zinc about a month ago. I take it every morning with my vitex. Initially I was taking vitex 2x day but now only once a day.

Nature's Cure is a separate product. Since I am using so many different things I am going to start eliminating things one at a time to see if it comes back. I stopped taking the nature's cure pills and am still using everything else.

So, what is interesting is that i've been off the Nature's Cure tablets for about a week and i'm starting to break out a bit more. not severely, but consistently and i really was 100% clear before. Hmmmm...maybe they were actually working! I tried to buy some more today at Walgreens but could not find it there. I hope they have not discontinued it.

oh, i also eliminated wheat and nuts from my diet.

I'll keep you posted!

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