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Ive started to feel depressed about my attractive girlfriend

I never thought having a really attractive girlfriend would make me feel worse about myself.

But it does.

When I met her, my skin had mostly cleared up. I felt confident about myself. I've always felt generally confident about myself.

I would guess she finds me smart and funny or sweet or something like that. I'd never found myself particularly attractive, but i've been ok i suppose.

But recently I've started breaking out and getting acne again. Honestly, it wouldn't bother me if I was by myself or with my regular friends. But it does bother me when I'm around her - I always feel like she's too good for me. To be honest, I always try to see her at night or in dark areas, so redmarks and such blend in with my dark-ish skin.

To make it worse, my recent lack of confidence probably undoes all the reasons she liked me so much before. I have a really hard time being the funny and outgoing person I used to be. I'm afraid she'll start to wonder why she ever liked me.

We have a really strong relationship and we can talk about whatever is on our mind. Problematically, however, she points out whatever male she happens to find attractive, which really makes me feel terrible. She doesn't do this often, but it really bothers me when it does. She always says afterwards "but you're more attractive to me, dear" or something like that after. However, I really doubt she means it, since it's obviously not true. I don't know what to think.

Does anyone have any similar experiences they could share or advice or suggestions? I really don't know what to do.

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I find it annoying when guys do that. She only tells you she finds them hot to get a reaction from you, but when she sees its damaging she should stop. She just loves the attention i think.

you say you are smart and funny, so base your confidence on that. your skin is prone to changes but you can control your personality. i hope you feel better.

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If such is the case, then you have to look the best you possibly can. Make sure every other aspect of your look - besides the skin - is as attractive as it can be. Your beard, your hair, your body and clothes, etc.

This will relieve some of the tension and help you regain the confidence. Try to just, well, forget about your skin when you're with her. Remember that women would chose an average-looking stud over a pretty-boy wimp anytime.

I have found that exercise, particularly weightlifting, lifts my spirits up and gives me a formidable psychological boost. You may exhibit similar results, so why not give it a shot?

When she points out how attractive another guy is, just say: "can he float your boat like I do, babe?" or "I can whip his ass in 2 seconds." Something shallow and funny that can dissolve some of the moment's awkwardness.

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