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TCA peel questions

So, I've decided i need to do something more to fix up my face, basically I'm considering TCA peel, but i don't really want to do it myself. Since i don't really know enough about it to do it myself, like what % to use etc. and the reason im considering this is because from the reviews of it i read on this site alot of people seem to have really good experiences with it, since summer is coming along i have alot of down time to stay inside so i figure it would be a good time to try this.

So here's my question I live in the general Toronto Area and am hoping someone here has the name of a good dermatologist who will can do this.

Also, does anyone know any horror stories involved in this though i have some bad acne scars on my cheeks, i really don't want to risk it getting worse.

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no horror stories if you do something about 30% and let the scabs fall instead of picking them

good luck!

ps: I guess ANY dermatologist could do a peel like this (superficial/medium peel):)

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Is it okay if i continue to use things like bio oil up to the point i intend to use the peel, or is it one of those things where i have to have had a period of time where i've used nothing before its a good idea to use it?

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