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need help with lower back acne!

So last summer I had extremley severe acne on my back chest face neck and legs. I think it was due to working 40 hours a week in a fried food kitchen and being a teenager (16). At the beggining of the school year (about last november) I was put on minocycline 100 mg twice a day. Thats helped my acne a ton! but I still have it on my face and back just not as bad.

This is my regimine right now:

morning shower: Cleanse with Nutregena Body Wash (orange bottle, Its a salycic acid cleanser)

Following with the topical cream Zapzyt which is a 10% BP Gel after I dry off.

Night Shower: Same as morning

I notice on my lower back I get bigger inflamed zits that are large and gross. and on my shoulders I get smaller red zits. and if you look really closley all my pores look like clogged I think best described it, and it I pick or squeeze they become red inflamed zits. Which unfortunatly I have a really bad habbit of picking. My tighs are also the same type of acne. I get the occasional red zit usually on my forehead, jawline, neck, or cheeks. but my face acne will just look bumpy and you can notice it unless you look really close. but still its not pretty and I wanna cure my acne completley.

Some things I am thinking of trying are, Apple Cider Vinegar on my back because I have lots of red marks to from older zits. I am also trying not to eat junkfoods or processed/ packaged foods and incorporate more fruits into my diet. I am taking a one-a-day vitamin and am thinking about the teaspoon of flax seed oil a day to detox my system.

Because its not really responding to chemicals Im trying to take a more natural approach to curing it from the inside out. I also think maybe the cleanser is too much for my skin and is making worse? Any advice would be great, thanks.

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Persons your age are susceptible to highly clogged pores and acne on the back; where all those oil glands are waking up and beginning to spew forth oil.

That is not to say that what you apply can't help. I'd suggest adding in an Alpha Hydroxy Acid for all over your back, or check out the back acne regimen on this site. The benzoyl peroxide takes care of the infection part, the AHA will help prevent microcomedones which lead to comedones, which can lead to inflamed acne.

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Look at my post... How to cure your bacne in two weeks or less.... I know it will work! My bacne was pretty darn bad and it cured it completely!!! And the stuff I use is natural and based off of what I read on all different boards. So, it should work for EVERYBODY. Not just some.

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its probably from sweat, thats where i get mine from, like after an activity or siting down for a while get like one of the acid acne wips to quickly wip off then go in the shower when you shower and us body acne stuff. you can get it at wallmart

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