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Could Rosacea be induced by 20% BP?

Ofcourse it can, but my question is, does it stay like that permanently. I remember when i was a kid absuing the 20% BP that the derm gave me to kill acne scars on my back. I just think that if a 5% benzol peroxide induced rosacea could go away after you stop use, then maybe, just maybe, 20% has damaged the skin to a crazy extent but restoration is possible?

Sorry for my brutal grammar.

I've tried 20% BP for 5 days then stopped. Although i can't remember that far, from the photos of around the time i pulled this stupid stunt, i started getting mild rosacea, and now it is getting worse. This is a farfetched theory and i mainly came up with it because i'm not caucasian, and right now i'm still 20 years old and had rosacea develop when i was 16 or 18.

What do you all think ?

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20%!!!!! HOLY #[email protected]#!!! wayyyy to strong im no dermatologist but that's the strength that causes chemical burns. Chemical burns always heal over time but it could take literally years!!! dont ever use 20% BP on ANYTHING!!! again im no dermatologist though but with 20% you're going to see damn near permanent chemicalburn-esk redness. stick with 2.5% dude it's just as effective

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hah i know that now. 20% lol. Yeah it is a pretty huge number, followed by a stupid idea. It didn't feel like it burnt though, the cream was really dry and hard to apply, and i suppose i should be thankful for that. Yeah, stupid idea, i was young! Lets hope you're right.

I have a few pictures of myself when i was younger, and there was barely any redness at all (after this disaster). I might be wrong, half the pictures i'm looking at are from when i was graduating and may have been touched up. It was very mild then, and it has been getting worse from 2008-2009 that even my mom noticed. The cause of redness doesn't seem to be chemical, because if that is the case then surely i wouldn't get thoes burning flushes from rosacea triggers, right ?

Thanks for the previous input.

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