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Hey everybody

Just under 16, and have had moderate acne since about age 12.

Here's what my skin does:

After a lift (I lift four times a week) I always break out.

For the most part my face seems to get better during the summer due to the sun.

During football season my chin gets acne from the chinstrap, even though I do use a pad and wash it daily.

And then I will randomly break out also, with no rhyme or reason.

I have certain patches that will break out from sweating, and then other spots that became cystic. Two of them were really deep at one point and I have a little bit of scarring from one of these.

I started Dan's regimen a week ago (using noxema cleanser, Proactiv BP, and Neutrogena moisturizer/sun block today and my skin for the most part has cleared up. I have no raised pimples, although I do have red spots where pimples used to be on my cheeks and forehead. I did not break out the day after lifting this week.

I ordered a kit of dan's products and get it in a few days, planning to continue this regiment until I grow out of acne. The only negative effect is that my face had a little peeling after five days or so and I think I need to just use more moisturizer during the day.

So I wanted to say hello to everyone and attest to the regiment.

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Hi there, JFootball. I'm so glad the regimen is working well for you. Woohoo! You'll find a lot of support here, as well as others that work out like you. :) Take care and welcome to acne.org.

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