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Berns Triplet's story

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They seem to be happy with the results of their laser treatment. The before and after changes to me seem to show some improvement in the appearance of their scars.

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thats such a tragic life theyve held. so sad that all happened and all that stuff that happened to the parents...this will get me crying if I think about it long enough.

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pshh, you beat me to it! i caught this yesterday and was just about to post!

the thing i found uplifting about their story is that they have each other to empathize with and lean on for support.. too often we deal w/these struggles on our own and what's worse, is we further alienate ourselves from others in the process.. but they've got their own cool clique going on! The fact that all 3 of them were affected, and are in it together (strength in numbers) is strangely comforting. Maybe it's because it makes me imagine that hypothetical world in which everyone has skin issues.. and how therein, scars would lose their significance to us. i hope that's what it sorta feels like for them... so guys, when are we going to finally establish that acne.org colony???!

also, the triplets apparently have an article out in this month's glamour magazine.

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