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Im finally going to start accutane, few questions..

Im finally starting accutane this thursday, im on doxycyline atm, im going have to ask the doctor if i have to stop taking them or watever, but i have some few questions...

Im going to ask for a low dose, as im worried about the side effect, what products do you use for dry eyes? as i HAVE to wear contact lenses as i wont be able to see anything.

Also, will it clear up my red marks?

Thanks :)

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As i understand Doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic. Taking tetracycline antibiotics and accutane at the same time significantly increases the risk of Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (pressure in the brain). This can cause blindness. So DO NOT take them at the same time. I was on tetracycline before accutane and had to wait a week before starting accutane to be 100% sure it was all out of my system.

I use contacts myself and get dry eyes even off accutane, regular saline solution works fine. Or get one of those small bottles of lens fluid. (its basically just saltwater too). Also i try to wear my glasses more often.

Most derms prescribes a total dose for you. this is usually 120/150mg per kilo of bodyweight. so if you are 80kg thats 80x120=9600milligrams. Thats 480 20mg tablets. It's important that you get a high enough dose to stop the acne from coming back after the treatment is finished. Too low and you have a greater chance of it coming back.

red marks....dunno, mebbe someone else can answer that :)


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