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ok i just joined this site because i need support from people who know what its like to walk past a mirror and pick out every little thing you possibly can about your skin! i've always had acne since 7th grade, i used to have a couple spots and thought my skin was horrible, now graduating as a senior in high school, looking back i didn't know what acne really was. this year my skin has gotten so bad i've always had cystic acne but now i get 4 or 5 at a time, i never had acne on my cheeks before but now they are pretty well covered as well as my chin and all i can do is sit on my bathroom counter under my huge fluorescent lights and practically pick and prod every pore on my face until i finally pull back and see how swollen and red and how much worse it looks than before i even touched it! i don't know how to stop. i tell myself all the time that it will look much worse if i do pick and i'm not doing myself any good. i do well for about 2 weeks and it clears up but soon after i begin breaking out again, after not even touching my face so i always end up back sitting in my bathroom sink doing a number on my skin once again. i feel so guilty and even uglier when i pull back and look at the damage i've done. i just cant stop and nothing seems to help my acne either. i was just put on doryx by my dermatologist i'm on day 12 and haven't really seen any improvement, i'm basically a nazi with washing my face twice a day if not more yet i do wear alot of makeup in attempts to hide all the bumps and redness which now makeup isn't even seeming to cover. please give me tips, support, anything! i need help outta sitting in my bathroom sink and destroying my skin even further!

- thanks for taking the time to read this, any thoughts or comments you might have are definitely appreciated :D

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