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My life is hard right now. I'm struggling to beat my acne, literally struggling. I feel like I'm in a tug-of-war game with it and the more remedies I try the more pull I get from acne's side of the rope. It's ruining my relationship with my girlfriend not because she doesn't like it but because when it gets worse I can't stand to be near her and it makes her feel like I'm mad at her/ignoring her and I know if it goes on for much longer we just won't be able to go on. We've been dating happily for 5 months and I love her very much but seriously. I've changed my entire life for her. I've changed my diet so much its unbelievable. To think that other sufferers of acne have just removed dairy and gotten completely clear. I have reduced so much that I am LITERALLY down to a handful of items. No nuts/seeds, no fruits at all, no starchy foods, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no legumes, no beans. Probably more "no *enter food here*" that I can't think of at the moment. My diet is literally destroying me. My face seems great somedays but others its like 'wtf did I do to get this.' I shouldn't be getting breakouts having sacrificed so much for so long. I wake up every morning and watch my sister eat a whole plate of eggo waffles with loads of corn syrupy goodness on top. I have been on a restrictive diet for over 6 months, I shouldn't have cravings but I do. Why is this? Because diets fucking suck. Thats why.

Anyway, I am stuck between my girlfriend and this shitty lifestyle I have to conform to to stay at least somewhat clear or my life which would let me eat all the foods I want but not get laid or have my wonderful girlfriend. I feel so torn.

My food is my life. If I can't eat what I want then theres no point eating at all imo. I wish I could starve myself to clarity.

My dad was talking about moving to seattle WA (thousands of miles from my home now). I've always wanted to live in WA. I'm almost 18 though..by the time we move I'll have the choice of going and leaving my girlfriend to start a new life, or staying with my girlfriend and hopefully maybe I'll be clear and thus able to live happily by then.

Heres the thing..I can't live with acne (knowing that its not getting better at least) and also have a girlfriend. I am way too self conscious to let my acne purposely get worse while having a commitment to a girlfriend. I just can't, it's not me as a person and I could never allow it. It's either her or acne.

The reason I'm posting this is because I'm at a point of giving up. I will try one more diet after this high fat thing and if it doesn't work I just don't see a point in my carrying on a serious relationship. I'm young anyways. It's very hard being this commited to my girlfriend, not being able to do the things which once made me happy (not that she doesnt make me happy because she brings me immense joy).

I want to know if I should break up with her now and do what I want, then hope to move to seattle (my dad hasnt DEFINITELY gotten the job yet but he has a good chance) and live a new life, or stay with her and go through daily depression every time I have a bad breakout because my acne just won't go away. If I broke up with her I'd have freedom, be able to do nothing but play video games and eat (still healthy, but at least a GOOD TASTING NON BLAND SHIT DIET) an enjoyable diet, and just wait to grow out of my acne and take acne medications and antibiotics like normal teens (who miraculously clear up..how come I'm the only person with acne in my school that has yet to clear up?) and hope that it clears up prematurely, and if not, oh well I've got a life to live ya know?

I don't want to lose her..but things are so hard, and its time to make a decision.

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It comes down to this;

I don't get to live a normal life like every other teenager because of acne. You might say 'well acne has made you healthier' or whatever, but guess what? I DONT GIVE A SHIT. I honestly could not give 2 flying fucks about health if I had clear skin. Seriously. Not to say when its gone Im gonna eat super unhealthy, because I've definitely learned how horrible an unhealthy diet is, but I'm so angry at food right now for what its done to my face (yes I blame food...16 years of downing corn syrup and sugar and all that stuff daily...) that I just want to not eat at all. Ever again. I hate eating. I hate having to cook myself food to eat it and pray to god that I didn't overcook the oil in the pan because it just might cause a breakout. I fucking hate it.

I love food, in reality, but as far as my acne goes, I hate having to look at peanut butter and cringe at the thought of how many new zits will pop up if I eat it. It's really embarrassing. People at school make fun of me for my diet. I've had at least 5 people tell me I eat like a freak/rabbit. I not only have to conform to eating this way, I have to be insulted for eating healthy? Isn't that crazy? I love eating healthy because it makes me feel good..but if my skin doesn't clear up, whats the fucking point? I want comfort food. I wish I could eat biscuits and bacon and eggs and jam and butter, I want pecan pie and pumpkin pie and my grandmas cookies.

But I can't. I can't eat like anybody else in my family and I'm like the outcast. Not just for looks, my horrible acne already makes me stand out in family pictures. Now I have to be some hippy freak who eats nothing but salads and chicken.

I just dont like the way life is cruising right now and the reason I'm so dedicated is because of my girlfriend. I feel like if I got rid of her (I hate talking about her in such a material way because she does mean SO MUCH to me) I'd be able to go back to normal. Sure, my acne would get worse, but I'd still have friends and I'd have the comfort of eating my normal foods. I could play video games to keep my mind of girls and masturbate 5 times a day to porn. Both lives sound so shitty to me. I just want to be free of the stress of acne, clear or not. and it doesn tlook like its clearing up anytime soon so I mgith as well live a life which allows me to forget about it right? Fuck.

And also, the only thing that has kept me remotely happy is the thought that one day I'll be able to live a normal life once again.

Then acne comes in and shatters it.

Does anybody sympathize with my dilemma?

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I don't understand -- has your girlfriend ever insinuated that she doesn't want to be with you when you have bad breakouts? If your relationship is healthy and worthwhile, you should talk to her about all of this, and you shouldn't have to ultimately choose. Let yourself splurge and eat a damn biscuit or eggo waffle if you want to every now and then, and if you do breakout afterward, then that shouldn't be the end to your relationship. I really am having trouble comprehending how it comes down to "Acne and Food" vs "No Acne and My Girlfriend"... I mean, why can't it be "Relatively No Acne, Food Sometimes, and My Amazing Girlfriend" overall? You are jumping to extremes. Find a balance, and if you mean as much to her as you say she means to you, then the few times you do choose to indulge in some comforting mac n cheese or some chocolate chip cookies and breakout accordingly, she will still love you regardless.

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I can totally sympathize with you. I don't have a girlfriend, yet I still am on this rediculous diet, even post accutane. Cause when I eat normal food, my face gets fucked up. And when my face gets fucked up, I feel like a ball o shit with eye browels. I think you CAN however keep your girlfriend, while having a "reasonable" diet, like bruingrl456 said. I know the toughest thing about an "acne diet" is the lack of carbs. The cravings are a pain. I think you should be ok with some fruit. Apples should be fine. Oatmeal is my lifeline, it keeps those carb cravings to a minimum. It does contain some gluten, but not much. And you can buy gluten-free online. Lemons. Lemons. Lemons. Without em your only winning half the battle. all your good acne-fighting-foods (other than vegetables) are acidic. Thats where the lemons come in to play. I squeeze a half a lemon in a cup of water with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you need to take a day out of the week to eat some normal foods, its all good.. for example, dinner with your gf at a restauraunt.

Take it from me, Ive been on both sides that your debating on. Its better on the side your currently on. Keep your girlfriend, keep your diet. Find a way to make it work. Add some new shit to your menu.

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mate listen to me.

1. diet does not affect acne. its effects are completely unproven.

2. semi skimmed milk is believed to be linked to acne, i went on a soya milk diet for 2 months and my skin was either just as bad or got worse. real milk contains shitloads of vitamin A which is the vitamin for good skin

3. go get accutane already what are you waiting for. it will dominate your life for 4 months but its worth it

4. go to india where you can buy it over the counter, brand name Cipla - very cheap aswell

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Hey dude,

Sounds like acne is giving you hell (It gave me hell for quite a few years), anyway take a look at my regimen for getting clear.... it doesn't include any dietary restrictions, oh except for tap water and soft drinks but they aren't hard to give up =)

Let me know if you have any questions.


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