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Has any tried chemical peel?

I'm kind of a little lost about this whole scar treatment thing, what's the best for mild acne scars?

has anyone had any good results with chemical peeling?

what are the risks?

please tell me anything you know.

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I actually just (like 4 hours ago) got a 40% lactic peel (a supposedly really light peel) in the mail and did it. I did the dermaroller yesterday and had applied retin-a only 4 days ago so I think my skin was WAY more sensitive than it wold have been without these, but it burned in the little dermaroller holes like no tomorrow and I had to take it off much before the time. I am very red and it seems to have made my small smile lines bigger because my skin is very dry (definitely do not apply retin-a for 2 weeks prior to the peel so you don't have this problem). I'm expecting it to peel tomorrow and I'll let you know in a few days the turnout. Micro never worked for me so I wanted to try something harder and once my skin heals I will do a stronger glycolic peel. I want to do IPL but have heard horror stories. :surprised:

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Hi Charlotte

I had a TCA peel in January this year. Although i had read alot of good reports from people who had done the peel themselves i was too scared that something would go wrong, so i paid a plastic surgeon to do the peel for me. Although it was VERY painfull it didn't take long (about 20 mins). My face was very swollen for 2 days after the peel, then on day 3 and 4 it started to dry out and peel like crazy i had strips of skin hanging off my face (very attractive). The peeling had stopped by day 7 but my skin was still quite pink and sensitive i was just using baby soap to wash as anything else was too harsh. Anyway my skin remained quite sensitive for approx 6 weeks after. But i am very pleased with the results the dark scars have completely gone and i would say there is an 80% improvement in the pitted scars and my overall skin tone is much better. i am now alot more confident and actually went out in public without makeup which for me was a massive deal.

Now that i know what to expect I am def going to do a milder peel myself maybe 15% TCA just to maintain my now much better skin. i'm just trying to find a good UK based company where i can buy TCA as all of the sites i have found are based in the States and the shipping costs nearly as much as the TCA.

Hope this helps

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Thank you guys for replying. That is very helpful. So you both feel it was worth it? I will def be saving up to go to a professional if I get it. About 7 days recovery time is that average for a mild peel? Brittany good luck with yours in the next few days, let me know how it is!

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